Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cross stitch : ABC Baby Afghan Complete

ABC Baby Afghan Update 1

Completed afghan with maroon backing and knotted edges

When I found out I was preggers with Jr., I finally made my way to the textile shop and bought some material to complete my baby afghan.
Chose a soft dark maroon cloth as the backing.
A dark colour will be able to hide any stains in the future...we are using it for a baby, stains are inevitable.

Took the afghan and backing material to a tailor and he sew it for me.
Then made knots for the edges.
And it's complete =)

I hope Jr. would love his 1st present for my little prince <3


mellomouse said...

Tracy, who cares if you can't cook. This baby afghan is beautiful! And the thoughtfulness of stitching it up first before Jr was even conceived is heartwarming. He must love it! Because if he doesn't, Aunty Jac will steal it *nyeknyek*

Oh I know how you must feel waiting that 2mths for your package to arrive. Hell ya. Plus not sure if our custom will do something to it :(

Anyway kudos to you Mommy!

Tracy said...

Thanks for the complimetns =)
It really was a labour of love...hours and hours of it!

I'm now itching to start another stitching project but doubt I'll have the time once Jr. gets here.

Crossing my fingers that he doesn't puke on the afghan too often!

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