Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Baby Daddy

This post will be about my baby Daddy <3


I'm still working (unfortunately) but this will be my last week and then I'm off to wait for Jr's arrival away from all the stress.
Eric just got back from a trip overseas and had a few days off so I rushed back from work to hopefully spend some alone time with him (I barely get to see him when he's working such long hours)

When I got home, the door was closed tight and no one was in sight.
I thought Mum and Eric both had gone out and not gotten back yet.
I was feeling a little dissapointed at that point.
Decided to go upstairs and change my blouse as I..erm...kinda ripped it a little at work =(
When I got to our room, I realized Eric was home afterall. Yay!

I peeked inside and I saw him standing in Jr's nursery.
He was folding small little shirts and pants with cute booties scattered around *melts*
It was such a lovely sight...this man, this big strong man was surrounded by baby stuffs everywhere and he's taking such great care in folding this small little shirt.
I wish I took a picture of that very moment...I was speechless and I was tearing up (damn those hormones) just staring at him.

He even organized the drawers. Telling me why he placed clothes, diapers, washclothes, bibs..etc in each particular drawer.
All this from a guy who doesn't even know what's in the drawers of our own closet after so many years!
I was surprised he took it upon himself to fix the baby bed and even knows how many milk bottles we already have for Jr.

Maybe I've misread how excited he is about Jr's arrival.
All this while he seems cool and not crazily over ethusiastic happy like me when we first saw Jr during an ultrasound....or when he felt Jr kick & move for the 1st time.
He doesn't read the parenting magazine or baby books that I bought many moons back.
He doesn't ask the gynea any questions.
Heck...even when we're out shopping for baby stuffs, it was done in record time.

But now...now, I'm in awe.


mellomouse said...

Aww I didn't need a picture to see that touching imagine in my mind *sniff* *damn my hormones too* LOL

I'm so excited for you and Eric! As the days draw nearer. Is Jr gonna be a Tiger tail or a Bunny head?

Natey was born on Day10 CNY. Feels like just yesterday :)

Tracy said...

Jr. is definitely a Rabbit and I'm still waiting for him to arrive...

Thank goodness this CNY is not super hot like previous years...yet I've been sweating buckets!

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