Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What luck

Bad news today.
I won't be starting salsa classes =(
What a bummer...I was so looking forward to it.
Since Joverse was only free today to go sign up, the class was already full.
We should've gone and sign up earlier but I didn't think it was so popular.
There goes my plans.
Now I got to find something else to do.
Maybe I'll take up the beginners Mandarin class which is starting in October.
Gotta make up my mind.

I'm now too full to think.
Had steamboat at Shabu Shabu in Puchong with Mum, Aunt Serene and Big Aunt.
Ate way too much again.
On Thursday, another steamboat dinner with galfriends.
Saturday, steamboat dinner with family to celebrate Mooncake festival.
3 times steamboat in a week.
Steamboat overload man.

I'm missing Eric so much.
I'm so not cut out for this long distance relationship thingy.
To me, long distance is not a relationship at all.
I hate it and yet I'm stuck in it.
Ooohhhh...which gets me thinking, maybe I should go and buy the Tarot card kit I saw in MPH.
Maybe it'll give me some guidance or just occupy my time.
I might just be good at it...who knows right?

My plum blossom cross stitch is sitting in a corner.
I'm so not in the mood to stitch...I lost the drive.
But I really should get started or I'll never ever get it done.
It's so huge and my procrastination is extending the timeline by years.

There seem to be so many things to do and yet I can't bring myself to do them.

Lost my mojo.

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