Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beautiful Skies

Nicole and Elie asked me to go watch the Annual Macau fireworks competition that's happening every Saturday until the finals in Oct.
Meeting place was in front of the old Lisboa at 9pm.
I got there on time.
And they got there when the first session ended.
Yes, it's called Malaysian time ('cause in KL people are never punctual except for some minorities) and the irony of the situation, I was the only Malaysian -_-

We then decided to walk to the other side of Nam Van Lake to have a better view of the next session of fireworks at 10pm.
Nicole was wearing a flowy tube dress and we were crossing the street when her dress got blew up by wind.
And she flashed some guys =P
We ended up with a not so great spot on at this new viewing area.
Oh well, mabe next year we should head to the Macau Tower to have a real fireworks experience.
There's supposed to be music and stuffs to go with all the booming.
Obviously we were to far to hear anything.

After all that walking and pretty skies, we needed a drink badly.
And ended up at this restaurant serving Spanish food.
Ordered a Sangria and stayed there till 2am.
And witness some really disturbing sights.
I saw a bunch of kids got drunk.
They look no older than 16.
One even got so drunk he dropped to the floor.
A few needed help to walk.
Then there was this Philippino couple who looked like they were fighting.
But then suddenly they chased each other...saw her bra...they lied down on the dirty floor...they guy stayed on top of her for super long time...
Thought they were fucking out in public but then the guy wasn't moving.
Thought they fell asleep.
Now that I think about it, that place is kinda dodgy.
Who said Macau is boring right?

3 comments: said...

Good blog.

Angel said...

why la no pictures, trace.. for these kind of stories, u need pictures to back u up, u know? hahaha..

Tracy said...

I know lar...but it's damn hard to get good pics of fireworks with my point and shoot camera. Or were you referring to the horny couple? ;P

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