Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nestle : Banana Chocolate

In Macau, you can find some really nice and some funny flavoured ice cream.
Was in the shop and came across Nestle Banana Chocolate Drumstick =)
I love choc and I like bananas ;P
Chupa Chup used to have this Banana Choc flavour lollipop but I haven't seen them in the market for years now. So sad =(
I like sucking on their choc banana lolli.
Banana and choc goes really well together, don't you think so?
Looks like a regular drumstick. I was curious to find out if there are any banana bits in them. You know, like ice cream potong that has red bean or cendol in them?

Thick choc...and banana? Real bananas?

Okay...the choc is thick alright. Sadly, no bananas in sight for bites.

After all the thick choc has gone into my tummy, you get choc and banana ice cream.

I like it. The banana is aromatic and not too sweet.
I know lar...ice cream ain't helping me with my wish list(to lose weight lar)
But got banana...makes it a little bit healthy right?
Yalar...trying to come up with excuses to have ice cream.
Oh...the weather is really really hot also!!!

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