Wednesday, September 2, 2009

McDonalds Chocolate Pie

We decided to have McD's for dinner tonight.
Took a short walk to the McD's near our home.
And it was a smoky walk alright.
The Hungry Ghost Festival was in motion.
Many people were on the sidewalk burning paper money as offerings.
Funny thing is I saw joss sticks being held up by poking into fruits.
One banana was seen holding 5 joss sticks!
Lots of burning, lots of smoke, lots of food for the hungry spirits.

Anyways, we made it safely to McD's through smoky eyes. They are having a promo of Chocolate Pie and Blueberry Sundae. So obviously we had to try those.

Mum had a McCrispy chicken burger while I had nuggets. In Macau, you can choose the Hot Mustard Sauce. It's pretty good. Just ignore the word 'hot'. Even I'm hotter than this sauce.

This Blueberry Sundae is going for MOP 1.00 (which is about RM 0.40) with any McValue Meal. Super cheap lar. I think it tasted like Ribena actually. Mum finished the whole thing and we had this conversation.

Mum : Taste like Ribena.
Me : says Blueberry Sundae. Ribena is blackcurrant.
Mum : Blueberry not supposed to be blue meh? Why red?
Me : -_- Ribena is made of blackcurrant, so is it black?

This is the Chocolate Pie. No idea why is it shaped like a triangle.

I took a bite...and it taste kinda weird. The pastry reminds me of a puff instead of pie and I could taste the oil it was fried in.

A few more bites and you get a little chocolate paste. Still didn't help much in the taste department. This thing is super oily and that spoilt everything.

A few more bites and it's oozing chocolate. Though I'm a huge choc fan...I had Mum finish most this pie. Fail man. Never again.

After McD's, we had to brave our way through all the burning and smoke again.
Made a stop in Watsons to get my contact lens solution and they don't have the brand I'm using.
So I got a different one.
Won't make that much of a difference anyway.
Wanted to get my fav Vidal Sassoon shampoo as it was on promo.
God...I just love this shampoo.
The smell...the way it makes my hair feel...I love it!
And it's super cheap, in my opinion lar.
Believe it or not...1 liter shampoo+1 liter conditioner is only about RM40.
Granted, my hair looks nice no matter what shampoo I use (good genes I supposed), but I just love Vidal Sassoon.
Wonder why they stop selling it in Malaysia.
I promise, it they sell it wherever I am, I'm a customer for life =)


Par said...

That chocolate pie don't look good but I guess if I see it, I might just want to try one.

Tracy said...

Lets put it this way, it taste the way it looks.
You should try one, just for the experience of yuckiness =P
Mum said that it might just be this McD branch screwed it up, so good luck to you!

Tracy said...

Baby : I think all pies in McD's are fried lar. Just that this one is pretty yucky.

It's actually not that scary walking about when all the praying is going on. There are lots of other people on the street. It's actually quite fascinating and I wanted to snap some pics but decided not to just in case "they" are not camera shy!

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