Saturday, January 31, 2009

Belly Good Restaurant,Sunway

Coming home to Malaysia meant only one thing. Lots of yummy food to choose from *drool*

First group of friends I met up with are my ex-colleagues from my Maersk days.

Being technology savvy people, we arranged the gathering through Facebook.

Then we realized not many people who were invited to the event actually stalk Facebook like us =P

So in the end...gotta use the old fashion way. Mobile phones to the rescue =)

Davin suggested to pig out at this place called Belly Good which is located in Sunway Mentari.

It's easy to miss this restaurant as it is lost in the sea of steamboat restaurants in the area.

At the rate these restaurants are mushrooming, I think soon Sunway would be famous as the "steamboat" area just like how Klang is famous for "bak kut teh".

Their tagline says it all...definitely a Pork Lover's Paradise.


The restaurant has a nice ambiance. Very relaxed and a nice place to chill out. They even have wines and imported beer such as Hoegaarden to relax you further =P

This appetizer came highly recommended by the waitress. It looks like yummy potato wedges doesn't it? It's NOT. This is super sinful and super full of piggy fats. This is deep fried pork skins. As if deep fried food is not bad enough, the crunchy pieces of pork skins comes loaded with layers of fat as well. Definitely not a dish of the faint hearted. Maybe we should all go get our cholesterol levels checked =P

'Cause I'm greedy...I ordered the mixed platter which comes with a piece of pork belly, 2 pieces of pork ribs, mashed potatoes and fries. The pork belly is really tender and juicy....I'm drooling just thinking about it. The ribs however could be better. I feel that it's too dry and tough.

I'm not sure whose pork ribs are these...But it's a little healthier than mine as I spot some vege on the plate =P Wait....I think it's Davin's.

I believe this is Alvin's Spicy Pork Ribs. I could be wrong. If it's not Alvin's then it's Davin's lar.

This is Chloe's dish. I've got no idea what it is...maybe it's a pork chop. Maybe not. I remember someone commented it looks like fish & chips. Or was it chicken.

Nevermind....moving on... Alex's sausage platter. There's big & fat, small & skinny...all looks juicy doesn't it? Forgot to ask him whether it's yummy ;P

After dinner...let the finance guy deal with the bill...

Compulsory group pic =)

L-R : Davin, Alvin, Alex, Zeno, Chloe & Me

All of us are smiling broadly 'cause we had just overloaded ourselves with pork. Just kidding...the smiles were result of a good night out with great company...and also pigging out on pork =D

Food in Belly Good is pretty good considering it's reasonable prices.
Portioning is quite impressive for Malaysian standards...which is a good thing =)
Will take Mum and Eric to try it out one day.
Find out more about Belly Good at

I don't know why...but whenever I'm out with friends and hanging out, somehow, someway, we always end up being the last table to leave.
Same thing happened at Belly Good.
We were having such a great time that we failed to realise the employees were waiting for us to leave so they could close the restaurant!
We got the hint when they started to pull the shutters close =P
Time does fly when you're having fun =)

So...we got out of the restaurant and continued chatting on the walkway.
No one seemed to want to go we ended up in Davin and Alvin's house for more fun.
And do what Chinese do during Chinese New Year.
That's how I learnt to play Texas Hold'em.
Gals power ruled that night...
Chloe was the big winner *high five*
I won RM4 *high five again*

The guys sulked =P

Alex...there's always next year!

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