Friday, July 29, 2011

Whirlwind of Changes

Marcus boy turned 5 months old a few days back.
Can't believe how fast he's growing up.
Now...he screams when he's playing...when he wants something or when he just needs attention.
He can also roll over onto his tummy by himself pretty well, he just doesn't know how to roll back...hahaha
When he gets tired of being on his tummy he'll scream so we'll come to his rescue.

We have also start feeding him a little Cerelac daily.
OMG...he loves it!
When he's having Cerelac, you have to keep feeding him without pausing.
When you are slow..he'll scream =P

Marcus boy could also sit pretty well assisted and loves going for walks outside.
We reckon he's about 8+ kgs now...will know for sure when we take him to the Paed for his jab next week.

Since Marcus boy pop into our lives, everyone has been saying he looks like his pretty Mummy.
Now...he's slowly looking more and more like his Daddy!
I hope he'll be as tall as his daddy but have Mummy's teeth =)

Marcus boy is just too cute for words.
And being spoilt silly by his grand parents, grand aunties, aunties and me =P

Anyways, have been experiencing some changes in my career.
Changed jobs recently and it came as a surprised to everyone...including me.
Was headhunted and within a week, I went for an interview, got an offer and resigned.
Started working for my new company almost immediately.
I feel kinda guilty leaving my team so abruptly...but I believe they are trained well enough to manage without me....or at least until my former manager comes back after her maternity leave.
Took a guilt trip as well for leaving right before my ex-manager was supposed to deliver her baby.
Happy to report that mummy & baby are doing well =)
And we are now even friends on FB.

Just completed my 1st week in the new company.
Am still trying to find my equilibrium, stumbling around.
Hopefully things will be better soon *cross fingers*


jolene said...

congratulations! New job means better life with more income right?

Tracy said...

Thanks =)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your blog. I worked in Macau before too. = )

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I worked in Macau before too.

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