Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Start

Well, I'm a chef's wife that is about to start blogging. After a tiring hour, I'm still trying to customise the blog to look how I want it to look...but I'm getting nowhere. I'll just change the way it looks as I go along.

I've decided to write about my foray into the world of cooking in this blog. But since I do many other things in my life, I'll most probably write about that too. Life is a little messy at the moment as my beloved chef is working in a country across the sea while I'm in Subang Jaya socializing.

Lots of questions, yet not many answers. Life is full of uncertainties and so we shall embrace each one as it comes along. It's a wonder how we sometimes plan and plan so many things and yet, nothing goes as planned! I've learnt to stopped planning so much and decided to live and let live. Smell the roses, enjoy the rain, taste the flavours and never forget to love myself and the people who are important to me. Life is crazy but am I =P

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