Thursday, November 13, 2008

What A Day

Yesterday started with a bit of drama. According to Mum, there's this Indian lady who was making a ruckus with my next door neighbour. She was shouting vulgarities and banging on their gate like a crazed woman...actually, she looks like one. Mum said she was shouting that our irritating neighbour (whom we suspect stole our mangoes) cheated her money and she wants revenge or something. She was making such a scene and finally neighbour's daughter came out and took the woman in her car to God knows where. Thank goodness I slept through it all =D

On our way out for lunch, Mum spotted the Indian lady loitering around our area again and the guards took a stick to chase her away. It's a pitiful sight as the woman seemed to be mentally disturbed. She looks dirty and unkept and eventhough I don't want to make any assumptions on the situation...I do believe that my evil neighbour is capable of cheating people.

Mum decided to have Uncle Lim's for lunch in Subang Parade. She prefers this branch to any other.

We managed to beat the lunch crowd.

Mum as usual wanted the nasi lemak. But ended up complaining about it -_- non-stop. She said the chicken is not tasty and the rendang is not the same. time not taking her there anymore for nasi lemak.
As usual I have my iced milk tea.

Mum wanted ABC...which is also called "ice kacang"(nutty ice?)

This is the top view which is quite pretty.

Food in Uncle Lim's is getting worst but the price keep going up. Don't think we'll be going there very often from now on.

After the sun set, it's time to have some gals time out. Went to Sunway Pyramid to meet up Ming Yee and Joverse after they finished work. Joverse took ages to get there so me and Ming Yee went shopping. Bought myself a pair of skinny jeans which is...erm...a little too tight. I was ambitious. It sort of skipped my mind that I haven't had dinner yet so my tummy was not so bloated yet. When I tried on the jeans again at home...well...lets just say it wasn't very flattering 0_o But the sales guy did assure me repeatedly that the jeans will become a little looser when it's washed. To make sure I can sit and breathe in my new pair of jeans, I'm going on a diet. What's beauty without pain right? Now...if only I can manage 10 sit ups before I faint.

Dinner at Ajisen Ramen. This is a Samday sashimi. It's so-so only. It's also little pricey as 6 pieces for RM8++

Ming Yee had chicken teppanyaki. Forgot to asked her how it tasted.

I ordered beef teppanyaki.

These teppanyaki dishes comes with soup and a bowl of rice. I find my teppanyaki is not really tasty and it's very soggy. Not enjoyable at all and I doubt I'll be eating there again. Surprisingly, the restaurant is pretty packed with diners.

It was good catching up with Joverse and Ming Yee as it's not often we could meet like this. Couldn't believe we met in Maersk almost 3 years back. How time flies and friendship survives =D

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