Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ole Ole Bali @ Sunway Pyramid

I'm so stuffed as I just came back from dinner just a little while ago. Met up with Hwee Chiang, Jamie, Alvin and Davin for dinner at a nice little place named Ole Ole Bali. The ambiance at this restaurant is very inviting and the food is pretty good and tasty. A lovely place to unwind and hangout.

Small lamp on the table that gives the place a whiff of romance.

Jamie, Me and Hwee Chiang. Thanks to photographer Davin who cut-off one of Hwee Chiang's arm coz he wanted Buddha to be in the pic as well -_-

The Wong Brothers...Davin & Alvin

Balinese deco all around us. Various portraits of Buddha on the walls giving a sense of serenity.

Funky deco hanging from the ceiling above us. I've got no idea what are they for.

Love the artwork.

This is my favourite drink...the Barley Lime. Really refreshing and it's sort off addictive. I can't stop sipping my drink as it has a very nice after taste. We ordered two jugs of the barley-lime...cheaper mar. 1 glass is RM6 but a jug is only RM18 which can fill up 4 glasses!

I forgot what's the name of this starter dish. It's a Trio something...it has fried squid, chicken wings and also sticks of fish meat on lemongrass.

This is a squid salad. I'm totally not a salad gal...only thing I find yummy in this dish is the barbecued squid =D

This is the must try...the Ole Ole Bali Nasi Campur. It comes with rice, barbecued prawns, squids and fish. Some side dishes of vege, beef rendang and the lemongrass stick thingy.

We had another dish of mixed grilled seafood which the pic refuses to be uploaded properly to my blog....even pics can be such a pain. It's so funny how they can't start eating until I took pics of all our food...lol...I can just imagine them cursing me in their minds to hurry up! Took me quite some time to get a decent pic of the food as there's little light for me to get a sharp pic...they keep coming out blurry as I don't like using the flash.

Anyways, the we all shared the food tonight as the portion is pretty generous and it's also more fun eating this way =D We ate, we drank and we talk. Alot. Talking that is. Until we were the last table left in the restaurant. We quickly got up and left so the restaurant could close up...shy only.

It's always fun to hang out with friends for great food and good company. If only we could do this more often...okay..not that often lar coz I'll get fat and go broke. Being with them brings back memories of my time in Maersk...and I do miss it.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Tracy,

Didn't know you're back :)
Yeah, agree food and ambience at Ole Ole Bali and its sister restaurant, Bumbu Bali in Puchong are both highly commendable and accomodating.
Have fun back home!


Tracy said...

I've never been to Bumbu Bali...now it's on my list of restaurant to visit when I'm in KL =D

HC said...

i went Bumbu Bali before.. but i prefer Ole Ole Bali..cos alot spacious than Bumbu :P

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