Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Amber Alert

Recently there are a string of community service messages on road safety playing on tv. Newsreaders are spewing road safety tips in between major news updates to baffled viewers like me and also there's this really irritating short ad (see youtube clip below) on how to interpret the traffic light by some local "celebrities". Not only does the newsreader looks stupid, I feel stupid as well. Because until I saw that crazy traffic light ad, I didn't know a traffic light uses the colour AMBER. It's true...I'm not bluffing, even Wiki confirms it. Don't you feel stupid that you've been calling it yellow your whole life? If it's really amber...then why the hell were we taught since young that a traffic light has the colours green, yellow and red? Didn't our teachers and parents know their colours?

Amber is said to be closer to the colour orange than yellow. Really? Are you thinking the same thing I am? If it's closer to orange, then why didn't they just make it orangy instead of the lemon yellow (try to watch the clip again) we are seeing everywhere now? Can you understand why this is getting to me? Now I can't drive or go anywhere with a traffic light in sight without automatically feeling pissed if it's not amber. Geez...who's the genius that said it should be amber in the first place? Why couldn't he had made it yellow so that many kids in Malaysia like me won't feel stupid that they didn't know it's bloody amber?

Anyways, back to the interpreting traffic light thingy. So this lady is teaching a man on what each colour signifies. I don't mean to be cruel, but I'm really not sure which IQ bracket are they targeting with that ad. Maybe my IQ is questionable as well since they lost me on the amber. My point is, why are they using the word amber (granted that it's the official colour) instead of yellow to advise motorist on what it means. Amber or yellow means "prepare to stop" but in Malaysia, it could mean hell of a lot of other things.

Wait...I got sidetracked from what I'm saying. Since Malaysians has been calling that light located in between green and red as yellow, wouldn't it be more effective to make an ad referring it as that? By calling it amber over and over again ain't going to help. It'll just remind people that they've been deliberately taught it's yellow to make them look less intelligent (probably more stupid) to those that knows the truth. I can just imagine how stupid the conversation can be...

A car is speeding along Subang Jaya's road...
Alec : Ah Keong, amber light already...slow down!!! *clutching seat tightly*
Ah Keong : Amber? Slow down to see Amber ar? She's so hot you know *hamsap grin*
Alec : It's a light so I'm sure it can be hot *scratch head while still clutching seat*
Ah Keong : Amber Chia lar...you ask me to slow down to look at her right?
Alec : *vomit blood all over the car*

Now that the conspiracy(I'm just speculating) has been exposed...people might be mighty pissed and step even harder on the accelerator when amber comes along...feel stupid mar. Wait a minute...Malaysians are already doing that aren't they?

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