Friday, November 14, 2008

Slowly but surely

I gave myself last weekend as the deadline to finish my cross-stitch project but that got delayed. I've been procrastinating as it's a real pain stitching the scales. So I'm doing it slowly and stitch a little each day when I'm in the mood. Most of the time, I stitch late at night while watching Rachel Ray and Martha Steward on tv. I think I'm addicted to these talk shows. What so fascinating about them? Well, Rachel deals with a lot of fun issues such as getting your man to wear clothes that you want them to wear while Martha does a lot of crafty stuffs. Both of them have different styles but I enjoy watching them both. I sound like a "si lai" (housewife aunty) but seriously...try watching one episode of these talk shows and I'm sure you'll be hooked too! As I would still be in la-la land when the shows are aired on NTV7 in the morning, I catch the reruns at night. Rachel Ray comes on at 1am followed by Martha at 2am. So I go to bed at 3am =D Yeah I life is really boring.

Oh yeah...just a little update on my poor poor sea monkeys who are at Eric's mercy in Macau. Apparently, there's a sole survivor. But according to my dear hubby, soon there will be none. I should have taken pics of the sea monkeys balls before I left when I still have the chance. As they say, opportunities only come knocking once.


Angel said...

at least u still have 1 left, my sea-monkeys all dead. thx for my carelessness, i left them very near to my night lamp 1 night. poor them :(

Tracy said...

Well...I don't think the "one" we have is going to last much longer...and it's not even near any lamp!

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