Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cross stitch : Carp update 6

With much hard work and strained eyes, I finally finished stitching the water. It ain't easy as it's all in half stitches! Now all I have to do is the back-stitch to make the fish scales. I hope I can finish it in the next week or so. Back-stitching is really tough on this pattern as there's no outline to follow instead, it's sorta scattered all over the fish.

This is before I started on the water...looks a little disconnected with the empty spaces...

Look at it now =D The effect is great isn't it? Though I think it makes the black carps less outstanding.

I tried to put the pics side by side for comparison but for some weird reasons, not able to do it in blogger. Not really in the mood for stitching today so I guess the carps would just have to wait for a little while more to get their scales.

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