Friday, November 21, 2008

Dropping the Stones

Many times when I’m reading stuffs in the newspaper, magazine, blog or gossip websites, they refer to weight as stones. They say something like “…she lost 2 stones and now wear size zero clothes” So the thing that is baffling me is not about size zero which is really ridiculous to start with coz I don’t see how a healthy gal can ever fit into those teeny weeny pieces of cloth. Actually, what’s bothering me are the ‘stones’.

How much does a stone weigh?

Can I just pick up a stone on the road and assume that’s what they mean?

Why use ‘stone’ when we already have a reliable universal system of measurement in kilograms and pounds?

It’s bad enough that in the Malaysian education system we are taught the metric system but the USA has a whole other system of their own. Now, whenever I encounter anything referring to weight in pounds (lbs), I have to manually do the conversion in my mind and divide the figure by 2.2 to get it the equivalent in kilograms (kgs). Maybe it’s just me and my slow brain…but I could only work with kgs…it comes naturally. It’s just like when someone ask how much I weight…I only know the answer in kgs. Come one lar…when we step onto the weighing machine we only want to see the smallest number okay…kgs is always going to give a smaller number compared to lbs =P

As usual, I went off topic again. So back to the stones thingy. Why are they using stones? Does stones = kilograms and pebbles = grams? Maybe it is a fancy word just to make the story juicier? I mean, stone does sound more exotic than kilograms doesn’t it? I’m beginning to think that a stone is not very heavy coz whenever the stone word is used, the number is a single digit below 4. So it’s either a stone, 2 stones or 3 stones. I’ve never seen anyone mention 8 stones or 14 stones. Weird isn’t it?

For the past few months, many people have been commenting that I lost a lot of weight. A few even commented I look prettier *blush* =D This happened after I became unemployed. Being unemployed do have its benefits after all! So the next inevitable question that follows would be how did I lose those weights?

There are a few things that did it. First and foremost is living in Macau. Our apartment is on the 4th floor with NO elevator…so have to climb (which I try to minimize at all cost) stairs if I leave the apartment. In Macau, one also has to walk a lot. Most places are really nearby (the country is really small lar) so walking is way more convenient than taking public transportation. Then there is the food factor. Chinese cuisine tend to be healthier as there’s little oil and salt being used in the dishes. The most sinful food is probably the juicy roast pork (siew yoke) that I totally L.O.V.E. Not forgetting, there are not many places for supper as well. In Macau, it’s very rare to find a fat person. If you do see one, it might just be my darling Eric, maybe an expat or even a tourist =P

Secondly, is stress. I’m a stress eater…if there’s such a thing. I eat when I’m stressed. During school, students mostly look malnourished as they lose their appetite worrying about the exam or they forget to eat as they’re busy studying. But not me. I put on weight during exams. That’s when I realized I’m a stress eater. I eat when I’m stressed. The more stress I’m under, the more food I need. So since I’ve stopped working…there’s no work stress to deal with…no need to eat so much. This of course worries me a little coz if I start working again, the weight would pile back on. I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t happen.

Lastly, it’s not exercise =P But sleep. I sleep late and wake up late. I love it and it makes me happy. When I’m happy, I don’t crave for food =D But I really should do some exercise…but I just loathe jogging or running. Does cross stitching count as a kind of exercise? It should lar coz my arm is constantly moving with the needle!

It's good that I've lost some weight coz it's winter time in Macau. Winter clothes tend to make even the skinniest gal look like an overstuffed dumpling. Really wouldn't like to picture myself looking like a giant dumpling stumbling around in Macau in my new boots!

Anyways, whenever I start to lose some weight, the first place to shrink is not my big butt, my bulging tummy or even my chubby face. It’s my boobs. Talk about losing one’s self confidence. Boobs shouldn’t play such an important role as we all know the beauty comes from within mantra, but it still affects me a little. You know how guys are obsessed with their penis size? Well, gals have the same relationship with their boobs. Gals, you have to admit it’s true. If not, how can you explain the wide range of super padded push-up bras in the lingerie department? But the guys have it easy…their equipment is hidden while ours is on show. There’s always an element of surprise when the guy’s equipment is in an excited state and the gal loses her push-ups.

I’m so mean, but I always wanted to know how do you guys feel being deceived by the very effective push-up bra? There’s also a push-up underwear for guys too if you wanna have your revenge or just to boost the male ego ;P

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