Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Banana leaf rice @ G. Letchumitrah

The best thing about living in Malaysia is definitely the food. Me and Mum love our Indian banana leaf rice. Normally I'll take Mum for a meal there once a month to get our fix. There used to be an Indian shop called Bharath's in Taipan that served really good banana leaf rice and it's very popular with the locals living in Subang. Unfortunately, many years back it closed down. Mum and I were floating around from shop to shop looking for a good banana leaf meal when we stumbled upon G. Letchumitrah =D I think that this shop belongs to the same people who owns the chain of Sri Melur mamak shops.

Anyways, G. Letchumitrah is located by a busy main road. I think it's located in Shah Alam territory but it could also be in Subang as it's sort of at the border. To get to this shop, go along the LDP highway from Puchong towards Shah Alam. After you pass the KLIA junction (don't turn to KLIA) you'll see the shop on your right, opposite the junction turning into Putra Heights. As you can't make a right turn into the shop, go straight until you reach a round-about to turn back. You can't miss it.

Doesn't it look super yummy? I love that it's served on a banana leaf. Some shops serves the rice on a plate which is a big turn off.
These side dishes gives the meal a healthy twist. I actually don't like cabbage, but I surprised myself when I finished all the cabbage on my banana leaf!Sour soup, curry sauce and papadam are served separately. Love those papadam... The meal ain't complete without some lamb curry for me...
...and fish for Mum

To really savour a banana leaf meal, you gotta eat with with your fingers. It's really fun and makes it more yummy =D Every time I'm enjoying this meal, I have to be really conscious of the amount food I'm eating and how fast I'm eating it! With all the delicious vege, lamb, fish, papadam and curry...I could really lose track on how much rice I'm eating. Gluttony is really one of the deadly sin. My expanding waist line agrees =P

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