Monday, November 3, 2008

Braised Duck Rice @ PJ State

Over the weekend, we made our way for the famous duck rice in PJ State. Believe the name of this food haven is Kam Heong Restaurant. I only know this because the workers are wearing t-shirts printed with the restaurant's name on the back. We are not able to spot any signboard at the front of the shop which is puzzling to say the least. But ask anyone who loves their food about this duck rice and they'll be able to guide you to the restaurant. It's located right next to the UOB Bank and opposite RHB Bank. So if you can find the banks, you can find the duck!

These two uncles are busy chopping up the duck. They chop and chop and chop all through our meal there...and I think hundreds of ducks passed through their chopper.

It's advisable to go there early as the place gets pretty packed. Even at 6.30 pm, you might end up seating at the table right on the bank's doorsteps like these people.
When we got started to rain and the wind was so strong. These restaurant workers rushed to hold up the retractable roof. I'm just glad we weren't sitting over that side...though the other patrons didn't look the least bit bothered.
Yummylicious duck. The duck is braised to perfection with delicious sauce. The meat is super tasty and tender served drenched in sauce.

Braised eggs. It's funny how they serve chicken eggs when their specialty is the duck =P

This vege dish has a sourish taste but it complements the meal very nicely.

We can't do without some innards. The white stuffs are duck intestine and I've no idea what's the black ones coz I only eat the intestine ;P Sounds gross doesn't it? But the intestine is really nice as it's a little chewy and crunchy at the same smell one lar =P

The reason this place is so popular is no secret. The food is delicious and the price is really reasonable. The food above was more than enough for the four of us (me, Mum, Melaine and Aunt Serene) and the bill was less than RM30. It was half a duck okay with vege, eggs, and innards...somemore four plates of rice. Imagine if you have to go buy your own duck and then cook for'll definitely cost more than RM30 already. Totally value for money for such a yummy meal. I just wish they'll open a branch in Subang Jaya so we don't have to travel to PJ State when the duck cravings kick in =D


Baby said...

eh... how come i never see before this post...

i love this braised duck from here. braised duck is my favourite among any types of ducks..

if we happen to be there or the right timing, here we come!

Tracy said...

I'm getting hungry just thinking of the duck *drool*

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