Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baby Boy or Girl?

I'm surfing the web doing some research on fertility (not that I think I have any problems) and also on conceiving a baby. It's just to get myself started on the topic since we do have plans for a little bouncing baby soon. Looking at pics of cute baby Avi is making my biological clock tick fast and loud...I think it's scaring Eric =P

Came across this website which explained Dr Shettles Method of Conceiving which is totally mind blowing. It never crossed my mind that there are two kinds of sperm. It says that the "Dr Shettles conception theory works on the principle that Y sperm are smaller and faster than their X counterparts but are also more fragile. X sperm on the other hand are seen as larger and slower yet more resilient and able to survive for longer once released". In biology class during high school, we were thought there are two kinds of sperm, the healthy swimming ones and also the crooked crazy ones.

Dr Shettles even gave instructions on how to make a baby Boy or Girl...which is really interesting to say the least.

Baby Boy
Make sure to have your gal howling her orgasm before you do the doggy for extra effectiveness.

Baby Girl
No howling required for the gal (coz if you do, you'll get a baby boy...see above) and no kinky moves. Stick to the boring missionary to be safe. The fun part can have sex as much as possible before ovulation. Once you ovulate, the fun is over.

Who knows if this Dr Shettles is for real. I guess no harm trying if you're really desperate for to control whether your baby comes into this world with a little birdie or not.

Then I found this website that could predict the sex of the baby. It's based on the Chinese Gender Selection Calendar...ermm...Chinese people can be very creative when they're desperate. I think this calendar came about when the one-child policy in China was put into effect. would be fun to see if it works....when I have my own baby that is. So according to the chart here, if I try to conceive a baby in the next 3 months, most likely it's going to be a boy. Hmmphhh....

There are many websites that recommends certain supplements to be taken for a healthy baby. Most website advised to avoid large doses of vitamins and fish liver oil. But one of the more important supplement is folic asid according to as it prevents birth defects. Folic asid must be taken a couple of months before conception to reap it's benefits...and must be taken daily. I've checked it out at the pharmacy after Lucinda advised me about it...Folic asid is actually quite cheap and the pill is really small. Just have to remember to take it everyday.

I think sometimes things are taken to the extreme when it comes to a baby, but then I can understand the phobia that people have. If pregnant how? If cannot get pregnant how? The thing is, everyone wants a healthy and normal baby. They will do anything to make sure the baby have a head start in life even before conceiving. It's just a normal reaction to be protective. I'm sure there are lots more of stuffs to learn about being pregnant and taking care of a baby. No doubt it'll be a lifelong learning experience. For now, lets see if Dr Shettles theory works ;P

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