Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prince of Frogs

As I grow older (not to say I’m that old) certain things that people say or do bug me in a way where I wish I could just smack their empty heads. One of the most irritating things a gal or guy could tell me is that they want to marry a rich person. Okay…that statement in itself sounds stupid. Stupid statements can only come from stupid brains (or lack of it). How much money should a person have to be considered rich? RM1000? RM100000 or RM1 million? Cash or property? Stocks or stamp collection? So the correct statement should be “I want to marry a person who has at least RM1 million in cash and another RM 1 million in liquid assets". Geez…if you only say rich…a dispatch boy would consider himself rich if he have RM1000 in the bank.

The point is, you gotta be specific. And another question arises, how do you know how rich the person is? It's not like you have access to his bank account on the first date. And why would a person with loads of money want to marry a money-eyed leech like you? Don't you think people with money would learn how to steer clear of people that wants them only for their money? That's probably the reason why people with money marry other people with money so they will know it's for love(or some other good reasons) instead of money. Nothing spoils a relationship faster than money. Or you could settle being a rich person's mistress. It's not so uncommon these days to see 70 year old sugar daddying a beautiful young gal. It's gross to think that she has to see him naked with wrinkly skin...and still say stuffs like "You're so hot" or "You turn me on baby". Crap...the image is making me feel sick.

People who are still single or have never been in a steady relationship before have one thing in common...they set impossible expectations. many Gisele Bundchen or Christiano Ronaldo exist in this world? Ever heard of the bell curve? Look in the mirror lately? I don't get it. When it comes to procreation or hooking up, natural selection comes into play. You would want to pick the most beautiful, most handsome, most alluring, most virile of the species to mate. So does the opposite sex. Do you think Ronaldo will pick a not-so-pretty gal when he has choices like Gisele? Yeah...reality hurts. If everyone only wants Ronaldo, where does that leave the Average Joes?

In my short experience as a human in this crazy world where looks are top priority, I learnt that not every beautiful person is a nice person. But that doesn't mean if somebody is beautiful then automatically they're a bitch. I think it very much depends on the person's upbringing. Mum always say if a person is beautiful, half the battle is won. I tend to agree with her. But I think things are easier for them because they are confident of themselves. If you're just average looking but have the confidence, I'm sure half the battle is won too.

I've known some really beautiful gals before and life is not so easy for them either. When you're so pretty, you never know if the guy is interested in you because of your looks or he genuine likes you. Any guy if seen with a beautiful girlfriend would be the envy of his friends. Doesn't hurt the ego either!

There are really some great guys out there who are average looking with an average bank account. They make up for it with some great personality which to me is a better turn on than many zeros in the bank. I would prefer to be with a guy whom I will never be bored of even if I see him everyday than to be with a wrinkly 70 year old who I'll have to shout for him to hear me say "Don't take it off!!"

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