Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Is It

Yup, it definitely was.
Took Mum to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It movie today and I don't care what others say, it was wonderful and sad at the same time.

All through the movie, I can't help marvelling at MJ.
He danced and sang like it was effortless.
Granted, he has a few sizzling hot young male dancers all around him but MJ was still the greatest.
I can't help being amazed at how detailed MJ was to made sure everything was perfect for his fans.
And what was planned for Smooth Criminal was just too cool....especially the part where the camera flew over the city and MJ with crew made a smooth entrance.
I was awed.

I've heard many people commenting that This Is It was boring.
But to me, it gave us a rare opportunity to see MJ working hard behind the scenes...and how he has a sense of humour.
I believe, to appreciate This Is It, one needs a good dose of imagination.
Imagine how it would look like on it's stage in London.
Imagine MJ and crew in full costume.
Imagine the crowd, the fans, the energy, the screams, the tears.
Imagine the emotions to be where the magic is happening.
One can't begin to know how it feels like to be in an MJ concert if you've never been to one.
When I was in the cinema today, I felt the same rush of emotions that washed over me while I was screaming like crazy(yup, even while the stage was blackout for costume change) for MJ during his 1996 HIStory World tour in Kuala Lumpur.
At one point during the movie, the director goes "Hold for applause...." and it brings a smile to my face.
Well...the applause and screaming during MJ's concert never stops =P

Needless to say, there were lots of scenes where MJ was showing off his famous crotch grabbing move.
And two Aunties sitting behind us giggles everytime he does it.
The more crotch grabbing action on the big screen....the more excited they got!
The funniest part was when MJ was on stage performing solo a slow-motion crotch grabbing and his dancers were watching him below the stage while imitating the crotch move.
And the Aunties got super excited and loudly exclaimed "That guy touch so hard hor hehehehe...Michael do so smooth*giggles*
Aunties in Malaysia seemed to be crotch grabbing expert all of a sudden ;P

Actually, when MJ does the crotch thingy, it's like a work of art.
Just like moonwalk.
But if a 50 years old uncle go grab his crotch in front of me on the street...I'll whack him on the head(doesn't matter with one) with my handbag!!!
Yup...only MJ at 50 can make it look so cool ;P

No one can deny MJ was a genious.
It's such a tragedy that he couldn't show us the true glory of his last concert.
It would've blown everyone away, MJ style.
There is only one Michael Jackson and this is it.


Gallivanter said...

Excellent post! THIS IS IT was awesome to say the least, it showcased MJ's creative side. I loved it and blogged about it too! :-)

High five!

Tracy said...

High five back at ya Gallivanter!

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