Friday, November 20, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : m2d8

And we did it in Padang Merbuk in KL.
Don't ask me where it is located exactly...all I know is it's near the Tugu Negara and bird park.
Since I would obviously not be able to get there without losing my way, I carpooled with Suanie.
It's her bright little idea to go and join KL Bravo =)
We have an official and unofficial reason for crashing into KL Bravo's session today.
Took advantage of it just because we can's Bring-a-Friend Day so it's no biggie =P

Our official reason and we stand by it is...due to Suanie being back in her hometown this weekend and would miss tomorrow's session while Bev and I missed(thank God!) yesterday's "stinky cow dung" training in we decided to make up for it in Merbuk instead.

As for the unofficial reason...let's just say we weren't disappointed!!! ;P

Anyways...I got up damn early at 5am today and made my way to Centre Point's McD to meet up with the gals at 6am.
Bootcamp only starts at 7am but according to Suanie, it takes bout 40minutes to get there on normal traffic.
Since we didn't want to be late and get grunts, leaving at 6am sounds good enough.
Lo and behold...we got there in less than 15 minutes -_-

Still damn dark when we got there okay...most of the cars should be KL Alpha's.

Spotted a rope at the bootcamp's no likey rope =(

KL Alpha's in the padang...they're there lar...just too dark to see them!

We got there so early and nothing to do so we camwhore abit =P

And I thought the one with the longest arm would be able to take a nice self pic...your arm is not the focus point lar Bev!

Much better =D

Suanie has this weird tendency to do everything in the middle of the road...

Prove that I was in Padang Merbuk and realized it's spelled Merbuk instead of Merbok =D

Innocent looking padang...but it's damn freaking MUDDY!!!

Ample parking space...only wish we had the same in Astaka.

Bev, Suanie and Me after changing out of our dirty stinky muddy bootcamp attire.

This is Bev's 'after' bootcamp outfit. Same shorts different shoes O_o
So not matching lar =P

We went to a Malay stall nearby for breakfast...nasi lemak with cockles, egg and fried chicken =D

I'm never going to Padang Merbuk again for bootcamp.
There's mud and puddles of dirty water EVERYWHERE!
And the mud is so thick....our whole shoe will sink in it.
Then we have the trouble of pulling our feet out of the mud as it kinda suck on the shoe...once you get your feet back, shoes are covered in mud.
I know shoes are the same colour as the mud but it's still damn disgusting lar.
And the mud stinks really really really bad.

Today we did a circuit where we had to wave a rope, then jumping jacks, push and pull rifle and finally squats with rope.
Bad enough the rifles were coated with smelly mud and then we had to bring it so close to our's also damn tiring man.
I swear the rifles feel heavier...did the trainers add weight to it or is the mud a culprit?

Honestly, rope and mud is a bloody bad combination.
For the rope squats, we had to drape this freaking huge rope on our shoulders and do squats.
And the rope stinks super bad (worst than the rifles!) made me gag like crazy.
I almost puke because of it too =(
Muddy rope is not something I want to experience ever again.

So erm...Astaka it is and we're never going to complaint about the mud there ever again.
A salute to the KL platoon for putting up with such smelly muddy conditions all the time.
Who knows...maybe they think it smells good? =P


Faizal Ariff said...

huh? what was the 'unofficial' reason then? *kay-poh-chee mode ;)

this morning's mud was actually less than what the kl platoon had been thru recently.

suanie said...

we neither confirm nor deny the unofficial reason! :P

Tracy said...

Faizal : You should know what's on us gal's mind *wink wink*

Suanie : It's worth the stinky mud...but only this once =P

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