Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Si Lai" to the max

In case anyone is wondering..."si lai" refers to 'housewive aunty' in Cantonese.

I'm almost a fullfledge "si lai" minus the aunty part =P

Finally went to Sunway Pyramid today to get a whole load of stuffs on my list.
Jusco is having member's sale so it's a good bargain hunting time, especially since it's pharmacy is giving 15% off to members.
And the bucket load of what I needed are to be found in pharmacies anyway.

I love shopping for beauty and health stuffs in Pyramid for one reason, all the major pharmacies are located close to each other and on the same floor somemore!
Damn convenient for price comparison!
So first, we went to Caring 'cause they normally have some really good bargains for supplements and contact lens solutions. Can get Bonuslink points also =)
Next up was Jusco just to have a look. I've no doubt they would be the best grab with 15% off everything.
Watson's and Guardian have little gems here and there so bought whatever was cheapest among all the pharmacies.
Then we headed back to Jusco to get everything else.
I've already said I'm damn si lai =P

And being si lai saves lots of money in the long run okay.
An example of how my si lainess help save almost RM20 for a bottle of vitamin C...
There's this brand of vit C that we've been taking for years now...I like it because it's the slow release kind.
Anyways, the price had always been approx. RM90+-/bottle depending where you go.
Among Caring(whom we always bought it from), Guardian(is having a RM10 discount for a bottle), Watson's(no discount) and Jusco pharmacy, Jusco was still the cheapest at RM82.90.
And that is BEFORE the 15% discount!!! can do the math yourself.

Obviously it was a good buy lar...and I'm super happy with my effort today *pat on the back*
Little things like this brings a smile to my face 'cause it sux when you feel like you've been con by retailers.
I hate it when I buy something which I thought was a good deal to find it selling cheaper just a few doors away.
Even a few dollars cheaper also makes me feel cheated lar =P
But these things happen irregardless which country you're in.
Have encountered the same thing everywhere.
Just gotta be smart when buying something...especially when you need to bargain for it.
And I HATE bargaining. It's so fucking tiring.
Not that I'm not good at it, shopping in China will make you a bargain expert, but it's super annoying that you have to bargain non-stop.
Can die okay.

Aiyoh...I'm going off topic again.
Back to today's outing in Pyramid.
Again...we went to try out this little cafe looking place because of Mum.
Apparently her friend told her the laksa is to-die-for.
And I almost did...literally.

Toast Box is located at the Marrakesh if I'm not wrong next to a bakery which name I can't recall. Just look for Kenny Rogers and you'll find it...but don't waste your energy lar.

They have this set promo thingy that for RM7.50, you can have a laksa, mee siam or nasi lemak special with a glass of ice lemon tea.

It was 1pm...obviously it's lunch hour...and they ran out of chicken for the nasi lemak -_-
Cannot cook more is it?
Vomits blood.
So we decided on laksa ('cause it's the reason we're there in the 1st place!) and mee siam (as if got any other choice).

The supposedly awesome laksa.

And it came with lou shi fun (mouse noodles) instead of normal laksa noodles. It was a letdown bigtime. The serving was so small and lack ingredients...doubt a child would be full after eating one bowl. Not to mention the soup was kinda tasteless to me. Not worth it at all.

My mee siam which was a bigger disappointment. It was sourish and frankly, tasted weird. First time I'm having such mee siam and only managed to eat half of it with Mum's help.

I'm never going back to Toast Box...even for plain harmless toast.
And never again trusting Mum's friend for food recommendation.

Anyways, I'm still happy with our loot today even with the unfortunate lunch adventure.
My face is still swollen and I'm not feeling too good.
Hope I'm not falling sick...there's bootcamp tomorrow and I wanna go mamak after that to gossip =P

Oh..and I almost sweet pretty face is in a magazine!
A super small one lar but it's still ME!!!
It's in a article for Bootcamp in Health and Beauty magazine November issue.

That's me in the bottom pic =)

Thank goodness I was in a nice pose and not doing some not-so-flattering moves on the padang.
I was so excited and showed it to Mum...and guessed what she said...

Mum : Why you look so fierce? Must be more "ke ai" mar...*putting her hands to her face to show me the pose*
Me : Ma...where got people pose cute cute for bootcamp picture one lar? -_-
Mum : ai only nice don't know how to pose.

I just hope Eric's reaction would be better!


Baby said...

where got people post cute cute in bootcamp?

Tracy said...

That's what I told Mum as well =)

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