Thursday, November 5, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : m2d2

m2d1 = month 2 day 2

So I finally decided to do bootcamp for another month and then it's off to Macau where I will hibernate during winter.(I plan to workout in Macau but lets see if I actually do it)
Today we did a circuit which involved lots of squats and too many sandbags.
My arms feel like they're falling off right now.
Some of the new recruits are doing really well...much better than me in my first month.
But it's nice to see some struggling lar...makes me feel good that I'm not the worst of the bunch =P
Since I'm a senior now but if still doing worse than the newbies then damn paiseh lar.
Yes, I'm evil. No point denying it.

By the way, my new pair of shoes are covered in mud.
It rained last night and was still drizzling when I got to Padang Astaka.
I made a great choice in choosing such a colour for my shoes as the dirty mud doesn't show at all.
To see it, you would have to come really close and look at my feet.
Me super happy...that means no need to wash shoes!

I'm feeling super hungry now eventhough had a mamak session after bootcamp.
Maybe I'm building so much muscles that I'm getting hungry faster?
Yes..yes...wishful thinking.

I'm really happy to be back in bootcamp, though it's still gruelling and hardcore.
The real reason I'm back for a 2nd month is because I know I will miss hanging out with my new friends.
I'm so used to seeing them so many times a week that the feeling of being left out is unsettling.
Now...we can share the mud bath together =P


Baby said...

i had to laugh reading your post. good choice for the shoe color. and with those heavy workouts, no wonder you're still hungry.

Tracy said...

Today's workout is not that bad, we had worse. No idea why I'm so hungry =(

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