Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : m2d10

And it ain't getting any easier!

After almost 2 months of bootcamp, one would think that I'll like running a little more than when I started.
Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Running is still a pain in my cute ass.
Today we did LOTS of running...too much till I almost gave up and drop dead in the middle of the 'cowdung' padang.
We each got a partner and Suanie was mine, one of us had to run and the other had to do a series of exercises while waiting for the runner to get back.
Then we switch.
The thing is...we try to help one another by running slower (okay..I admit...damn tired until cannot run fast lar) but then...I always find one of the trainers running next to me =(
And they'll encourage me to run faster by going...

"Come on Tracy...pick up the pace"
"Catch up with her (the person running in front of me)"
"Sprint to the end!"
"You can do this...keep going"
"Just a little more (even when I still have half the distance to go!)"

and the best of all...

"She's not that far in front of you...catch up to her!"
Walaueh...that was said to the person running behind me...made me damn stress man.
So obviously I had to run faster lar...takkan just let another Ranger(cannot be Seals or Deltas la) overtake me like that.
Yalar...I know...so kiasu =P
But then at mamak as I was eating my thosai...I started to wonder if there really was someone running behind me at all?
I can't even recall which trainer said it...maybe he was just messing with my head =(
Damn...it was seriously a mental game this morning.
And the gloomy weather didn't help one bit.

All this running was done in 3 rounds of 10 minutes each.
Since we have a partner and assuming we are at the same level of fitness, that means each of us ran about 5 minutes and did exercises for the other 5 minutes.
After the first round, I wanted to just fall to the ground and never get up again.

But then we had to go for round 2.
I was struggling real bad...breathing was in gasps and I probably sounded like I'm taking my last breath.
We were damn happy when Sarge said to take a 2 minutes(yippee!) water break and everyone thought it was warm down after that.

God forbid...we went for round 3 =(
Needless to say...everyone was looking kinda pale on the padang except for our wonderful trainers and a few hardcore Deltas.

Everyone did kinda looked half dead after today's training and no one was complaining about lack of intensity.
Even the final "hooyah" was without it's usual oomph.
Those who were saying training was easy recently got their wish...and almost KO the rest of us in the process.

Anyways...I wanna bitch about something someone said to me at mamak which got on my nerves.
This question was directed at me when this person found out I've been bumming for many moons now.
I've been asked this question many times before in many forms.
I've heard it all.
What made you think you'll be the first one to come up with such an original question?
And what made you think I would actually answer your question truthfully?

It's at the top of my "Most Hated Question List" and it goes like this...

"Don't you think you're wasting your time?"

Well...it's my time and I'll do what I want with it.

Call me defensive. Call me a bitch.
I don't owe anyone any explanations besides people I care to share with.
So there...you can judge me all you like...I'll just bitch about you! 


suanie said...

would have been amused at our situation if we weren't so dead tired! heh

Tracy said...

well...I think those rugby players were amused at our expense =P

Bevy said...

i think some of the players actually screamed "go deltas go!!"

Tracy said...

lol...at least it wasn't "Go ah moi go!!!"

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