Friday, November 6, 2009

Load of crap

Warning : Long bitchy post ahead...

Mum has been pestering to try out this new Thai restaurant in Taipan called Restoran Phad Thai located on the same row as Sing Kong restaurant facing the multi storey carpark.
I decided to take her there tonight for dinner.
Regret it kau-kau man.
Never again will I step my dainty foot in this restaurant.

The crappy Phad Thai restaurant located a few shops away from Sing Kong.

We sat down and the waiter already start to piss me off.
He gave us the menu and stood next to our table....waiting (for the cows to come home maybe)
It irritates me when they just stand there and watch you go through the menu.
Nothing better to do is it?
Good etiquette would be to give the customer a few minutes to decide what they want to order.
Not standing there like an idiot.

Anyways, that was just a small part that pisses me off.
Ordered pandan chicken, tom yum kung, phad thai noodles & coconut.
And we waited...and waited...while they serve a table (lets call this table B) that came after us.
The lady at table B then started digging into the tom yum and complaining to her husband "Why no mee one?"
She then complaint to the waitress about the lack of noodles.

As for me, I got pissed and demanded where are our drinks?
How can they serve table B and not us?
A waitress then came and demanded rudely "What you order?"
I stare cock at her and said "You go and check lar"
Fuck man..want me to do her job is it?
You know what, the stupid waiter wrote the wrong table number on our order.
So they served my coconut and tom yum to table B.

Fine. Under normal circumstances, if they would have just apologize nicely with a smile and go get my order, I'll be okay.
But noooooo...this guy was testing my patience to the limit.
Guess what he did?
He went to table B, took the bowl of molested tom yum with his thumb dipping into the soup and placed it in front of me.
The same tom yum that the lady at table B dug around in.
Bloody hell...he somemore has the cheek to say "She didn't eat it what. It was on the table only"
Expect me to happily eat a dish that some stranger has already dug through looking for noodles?
I ask him is he crazy or what?
He kept repeating that the tom yum was on the table and the lady didn't eat it.
And the stupid busybody lady chimed in "I didn't it eat yet"
As if it makes a difference to me lar whether she ate it or not.
Why don't she let me dig through her food and then she eats it?
I bet it'll taste better with my saliva.
This is not just a matter of principle, it's also about hygiene lar.
Some people should just mind their own business and fuck off.

The waiter refuses to change the tom yum until I make a huge scene.
He reluctantly took it away while showing me a super black face.
Excuse's your own fucking fault that you wrote the wrong table number on the order.
It's your fucking fault the food got delivered to the wrong table.
It's that lady's fucking fault that she dug through food that she didn't order.
I was mighty pissed at this point.
Boiling mad actually.

I demanded to see the manager or boss.
The waitress when to the back of the restaurant for a little while looking for the manager I supposed and then came back and totally ignored me.
Walaueh...what kind of stupid service is it?
I raised my voice to the waitress and demanded whether the manager is coming?
She then started mumbling something about the order is at the front...blah blah blah.
Manager dare not face an angry customer?

I told her to not bother with our order and walked out.
I was bloody pissed off.
I've encountered some bad service before but it's the first time that a restaurant wanted me to eat food that was already served and intimately inspected by another customer.
If they can do such stupid thing at the front of house, just imagine what goes on in the kitchen.

I'm not such a hard customer to please actually.
Eric is the critical one...nothing escapes him and it can quite stressful when he doesn't like something about a restaurant.
But this is seriously too much.
And not even a word of "Sorry" from the obviously IQ & EQ challenged staffs.
I don't understand how can an F&B outlet not put customer service as priority?
Just because we're not paying 5 star prices doesn't mean we don't deserve some sort of acceptable level of courtesy while dining.
A very simple example is how we switched from Ganesh to Ali Berkat for our after bootcamp mamak session.
We're such regulars now that I even get discount eating there.
It's all about customer service =)
If you don't value your customer enough, they'll be gone and you won't get them back.

In my opinion, if a place serves sucky food but give great service, I'll be tempted to give them a 2nd chance. After all, chefs do make mistakes from time to time. I'm sure if you tell them what's wrong with the dish, they'll be happy to change it for you. I know as I married a chef.
However, if the service sucks, I'll never be back again no matter how yummilicious the food taste. Bad service makes yummy food taste like rubbish.

As for this relatively new restaurant, lets see how long they'll be around.
Due to their lack of customer service awareness, I'm sure they haven't heard of the phrase "Word of mouth".
No worries...I'll be sure to pass the word around on their behalf =P
And I'll never set foot in there again even if they had Christiano Ronaldo eating there wearing only tiny Speedos.

If you think that I'm being overly dramatic and you find the food there spectacular irregardless of the service level, go fuck yourself.  
Yup, finished bitching.


Baby said...

i've personally never heard of that restaurant.

what kinda service is that? that's horrible!

this is 1 most angry post from you..

bad service definitely makes any yummy food bad.

word of mouth? bad impressions will lead more bad images

Baby said...
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Tracy said...

Just avoid eating at this restaurant la. Not worth the stress.

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