Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Broga Hill @ Semenyih, Selangor

Broga Hill is no secret anymore.
Many has made the climb to it's peak and took beautiful pictures.
We wanted to catch the sunrise but unfortunately, a few minutes after we started our journey up the hill, the sky started to light up and we don't even need our torchlights anymore.
I was pretty paranoid about being attacked by mosquitoes during the hike as I sometimes develop horrible allergies to their bites.
We put on lots of mosquito repellant right before heading into the jungle of lalang.

Thankfully, not many mosquitoes were in sight and no one complaint of being attacked by bloodsuckers.
Maybe we were just lucky that the mosquitoes left us alone =)
Which reminds me...I got a free Iced Milo from McD's when tapauing burger for Suanie as we foresee being hungry after reaching the peak.
Should've guessed that things could only get better after that for the trip =)

It's my first time hiking and I'm not sure what I expected of it actually.
I only know it's not going to be easy.
The trail was uneven and narrow. Some parts were pretty steep too.
I got scared many times as it's so easy to slip and just fall into the ravine just next to the trail.
Being a super clumsy person doesn't help much either.
(I constantly trip when walking on flat ground wearing flat shoes -_-)
So it took me quite a long time to actually reach the lower peak.
The Deltas were probably sprinting and I bet they got bored of watching the lalang while waiting for the rest of us to get up there =P

First picture of Broga...

Ruk, Me and Suanie. Yes, I know lar...the view is all lalang

More lalang...

View from the peak we stopped at to rest while Deltas headed for the next peak.

Sean and Tricia demonstrating what you can do up in Broga besides enjoying view of lalangs

Lonely path I took on the way down...

The climb down was even scarier than going up.
I slipped a few times and was scared half to death as I was all alone.
Those in front of me went out of sight as they were so fast on their feet.
Those behind me got held up for one reason or another.
I kept thinking if I fall into the ravine, no one will know where and when I disappeared =(
At one point..I looked back and shouted "SUANIE!!!!" 'cause I was feeling lonely walking alone surrounded by lalang and trees.
I didn't hear any reply from her so I kept going as I assumed she was to far back to hear me.
Apparently she did hear me shout and answered =P

I realized that I don't fancy hiking.
It's only fun because of the people I'm with.
Without any doubt, we are a bunch of very noisy people...even while hiking =P

Hiking it's not easy at all, it takes alot of strength and my legs are still aching from Broga.
Even bootcamp is easier than hiking!
And I've been told Broga is easy O_o
I think I went with a group of Supermen and Superwomen =)

If you're planning to visit Broga Hill, advisable to go early as it gets pretty hot up there when the sun is up.
I did enjoy myself eventhough the day started with lots of drama.
I'm just glad it ended on a happy note.
But I'm still going to think twice three times if anyone ever suggest I go hiking again.
Can we go to the beach instead?


Rogelio said...

good blog
greetings fron spain

Baby said...

so... this is broga hill..

i would prefer beach than hiking

Tracy said...

Rogelio : Thanks for dropping by.

Baby : Me too =)

uner said...

three times to think before you decide to go the next time? uh you really are different than others while they enjoy going again and again.. hehe. nice blog and reviews ;)

Tracy said...

uner : you're friends are like Energizer rabbits =) They keep wanting to hike up one mountain or another!

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