Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : 2nd Assessment Day

I did it. I completed assessment day and didn't drop dead or puke!
Only decided to go this morning and I'm glad I did.
At least now I know where my fitness level stands.

Did the same thing as my first day in bootcamp one month back.
Oh...how time flies.
Last month, I couldn't even complete assessment so obviously I'm a little scared this morning.
Damn paiseh if after one month of bootcamp but still can't finish it.
Thankfully, I did it. Slow but I completed it below cutoff time.
It's a real achievement for me.
Everyone else was comparing and many made improvements to their time.
Way to go y'all!!!
As for me, I'm just super happy I finished.
That was my aim today, time didn't really matter.
What matters is the fact that I pushed hard and gave it my best.
I feel damn good now =D

Anyways, just for the record...

1st test : 14.20 minutes
1 mile run = 11.19 minutes

At mamak session after bootcamp, Corporal Jon mentioned I lost alot of weight =)
Hehehe...feels even better to hear that.
Since both Sarge Sim and Corporal Jon said the same thing, I'm going to take their words for it.
They are the expert in fitness afterall =P

Got to know a couple of new people.
Okay..technically Shaun is not new but this is the first time I've sat down and talk to him.
Didn't even notice him during bootcamp last month (not that I'm a snob ok...where got time to chit chat during training?)
People should really hangout more together after bootcamp.

Nick's business partner joined bootcamp as well.
I've got no idea why he wore a t-shirt with a hole today...kinda weird.
And his goal is only to lose weight and not getting healthier or looking better...which is even more weird.
I guess different people have different reasons for joining bootcamp.
My priority has always been to make new friends.
Losing weight and feeling better is just a bonus =)

I've still not decided if I want to do bootcamp in Nov.
If I do, then it's time to get a pair of new shoes.


Baby said...

better get a new pair before your mom bising you for getting her shoes wet "grin"

NickieChan said...

Hey babe....you did great and like i told you..you look great and have indeed lost weight!

Tracy said...

Baby : I've kinda destroyed her shoes. Shall go shopping tomorrow =)

Nick : Thanks! You did great today too.

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