Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Drops from the sky

It's been raining almost everyday lately with the temperature dropping significantly.
It made me lazier than usual so most of the time I'm curled up at home reading.
I've finally finished reading Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr.
The three books of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.
Book 4 is not out yet so for now...I'm done.
Glad I could finish it before leaving for Macau.
And now it left me with a desire for a Dragon of my own =)

I've got so many things to do before leaving and yet I'm procrastinating.
It's the weather I tell you...so hard to leave my warm and comfy bed.
Only God knows how much effort it took to get my butt to Bootcamp this week...I was so tempted to sleep in today.
Even on non-bootcamp days, I've been getting up at 7am...automatically okay...without the alarm -_-
Sucks big time.
But thankfully I've always manage to go back to sleep =P

For the past week, besides hibernating like a cute little bear at home, I've also been eating like one.
I get hungry so fast and no amount of food seems to be enough.
It was kinda scary as the urge to eat was there all the time.
Corp Faizal mentioned it could be hormones that's causing me to think I'm hungry even when I'm not.
I'm happy to report that my appetite has gone back to normal.
No more insatiable cravings for food.
Maybe now I can shed a little weight before heading to Macau where I'm sure to be piling it all back on again.
It's getting very cold in Macau and will be even colder when I get there.
So not looking forward to the cold...but it should make exercising less tedious(if I actually do it)...no sweat mar.
I can't wait to see Eric...I've been missing him heaps.
It's so hard being apart like this and I feel that it's harder on me than him.
Can't help being such an emo creature...not to mention I crave physical contact.
My wait will be over soon....if only time will fly faster!

I only hope my face will not bruise too badly from my stupidity today.
Got back from bootcamp and I went to get my stuffs out of the car.
Opened the car door and hit my face =(
Thankfully it missed my eye...I hit the area just below my left eye near my nose.
Okay...luckily I didn't break my nose either.
It's super painful and I've been rubbing it tenderly in hopes that I won't get a horrible blue-black bruise tomorrow.
It's bad enough that my face had broken out with angry red acne since I started Bootcamp =(
Mum has been nagging about how I've destroyed my skin for Bootcamp *sigh*
It's the price I had to pay to get healthier, fitter and hangout with my friends.
I'm trying to get my skin back to how it was before...but it's not easy since I'm still doing Bootcamp 3 times a week.
The padang is very dirty lar.
Even facials are in vain...the beautician asked me to consider quitting Bootcamp to save my face from further damage.
So obviously I've chosen Bootcamp over my vanity...just barely =P

I've also been neglecting my cross stitching since starting bootcamp.
Wish I could work on it but it seems so daunting 'cause I don't have the concentration needed.
Working on a cross stitch while feeling  tired is asking for trouble.
Chances are...I'll count wrongly or use the wrong colour which would mean more time spent on rectifying the mistake.
Better to avoid stressing myself out...so now it's sitting in my closet while I consider whether to bring it to Macau.(it's actually quite bulky and heavy)
I plan to knit when I'm there so no time for cross stitching.
In between that I want to workout to maintain my fitness level...then catch up on all my fav tv series that I miss so much.
Come to think of it...I'll just knit and watch the shows at the same time =P

I have slightly more than a week to get everything done in KL.
Gotta do some shopping and meet up with some friends if I can.
Oh...time is flying...

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