Monday, November 2, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 12 - The Finale

So this happened on Saturday but I didn't have time to blog until now.

It feels great!
Couldn't believe I survived one full month of bootcamp with Hell Week thrown into the mix.
I remember my first day so much I wanted to give up and just go home to hop back into my bed.
I kept asking myself if I should continue bootcamp after that day.
Why torture myself like this?
Why go roll around on grass that I'm allergic to?
Why don't I just give up?

I don't know why I went back for day 2 with my body aching all over.
Maybe I am a little nuts.
Looking back, I'm glad I kept going back to bootcamp even after I felt like I'm dying during the gruelling workout sessions.
I've pushed myself to a point that I didn't knew existed.
I'm so not the health freak or even an active kind of person.
Bootcamp is so way out of my confort zone.
When I tell friends and family I signed up for bootcamp, they're shocked.
Even Eric.
Hell...even I'm surprised I enrolled!

I've realised I can do it if I wanted it bad enough.
I wanted it so bad that I force myself to wake up before sunrise and make sure I'm never late for bootcamp.
I wanted to prove that I can do it.
And I now know that I can do it.
But I couldn't have done it with the constant encouragement from the trainers and fellow bootcampers.
They're always there to spur me keep me going.
For that, I'm forever grateful.
Without you guys and gals, I wouldn't have stucked with it  =)

I'm proud of what I have achieved in bootcamp.
I wanted to be healthier, and I am.
My stamina has improved tremendously and I'm more energetic.
My body is looking better as well with muscles forming on my arms and legs.
I could now do push ups which I'm really happy about.
Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up and see some abs in a few months time *fingers crossed*
The most important achievement would be the great friends I've found in bootcamp.
That is worth all the aching muscles and allergies =P

I joined bootcamp on a whim...and there are no regrets.
It's physically and mentally rewarding for me.
It took my mind of things that were dragging me down and gave me confidence.
Confidence that I could do something that seemed so impossible.
Confidence that was lacking in me for some time now.

I'm getting all emo about finishing bootcamp.
I'm not sure if any other bootcampers feel this way.
But bootcamp had definitely changed me.

Finally on the last day of bootcamp, we get to snap some pics in our uniform!

Nick, Tate, Susan, Beverly, Megaa and Vanessa who is posing with her pony tail and water bottle =P

I got into the pic and we're trying to look tough!

This is our final Hooyah pose =D

Thank you for the great experience.


suanie said...

well done you!

Tracy said...

Thanx did great too =)

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