Thursday, November 26, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : m2d11

And it's my last day of bootcamp for November.

Today was a wee bit better than Tuesday but still it was hardcore.
We had to sprint about six steps and drop to the ground to complete an exercise (either push ups, sit ups, squat jumps, grunts) then repeat the same for about 10 stations.
We went round and round until it was time to stop.

Anyways, when Corporal Dharmin(I'm not sure how his name is spelt) was explaining what we had to do at the stations...Corp Jon was showing the moves to the platoon...and that's when he did his famous butterfly/dolphin/leaf/caterpillar(added today) dive to the ground.
Everyone was entranced okay.
Not many people can float to the ground to do a push up =P

Then Corp Jon had to show us a squat jump.
When he looked more like a starry squat jump!
Imagine a star fish jumping with arms and legs at the sides.
It was my turn to do the circuit and I reached where Corp Jon was stationed...
I got ready to do my starry squat jump and suddenly I heard him say "Show me your Sailormoon jump" O_O

For those who doesn't know Sailor Moon...

Sailor Moon is the yellow haired gal on the left with the super long twin ponytails at the sides of her head. For the jump...can refer to the gal in the middle =)

I burst out laughing as it was so unexpected...then I jumped and went "wheeee..."
Us gals definitely look quite cute doing a Sailormoon lar...then suddenly I spotted the Pakcik in front of me =P
Wonder if Corp Jon made him to do a Sailormoon too!
It was a happy starry squat jump for about 2-3 stations...then I wasn't so happy about it anymore.

Damn tiring to jump like that okay -_-

Anyways, we ended up in mamak after that.
Many of them left early but Bev and I stayed back to wait for Suanie as she was coming to join us.
Poor gal wasn't at bootcamp today as she's down with the flu.
So we were updating Suanie with the latest gossips/happenings of bootcamp and about the new trainee trainers who were helping out today.

Topic was about the guy trainee and then Suanie asked..."Is he a PT?"
Bev answered "No lar...he's not pretty at all k"
Me and Suanie stared at her..."PT...personal trainer lar"

Lol...don't know what's on Bev's mind =P

On the drive home, I was thinking how time flies...can't believe I managed to stick with bootcamp for 2 freaking months.
And I'm still alive =)

After 2 months, I feel that I'm healthier and fitter.
I don't feel so sluggish and lethargic anymore which is good.
Definitely stronger as well as my push ups are getting better and grunts doesn't seem so intimidating anymore (though I still hate it).

I love my bootcamp buddies, both trainers and recruits.
Bootcamp wouldn't be the same without them.
We shared lots of tears, laughters, pains, grunts and mud together.
If stinky mud doesn't bring people closer together...I don't know what will =P
No regrets in joining bootcamp (okay lar...maybe a itsy bitsy lil bit when I look in the mirror and spots are glaring back at I'm avoiding mirrors)

Hooyah PJ Bravo!!!
Will miss you all lots =(

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Baby said...

when are you leaving? coming back for 2 more months of bootcamp the next time you back to kl?

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