Friday, November 6, 2009

Shepherdoo @ Centro, Klang

Recently, Eric, Mum and I made a trip to Klang to visit a friend and to try out the restaurant he's working in now.
Thank goodness I was able to get us there without getting lost.
Though we did miss the exit and had to take a longer way to reach Centro.
It's not that hard to find lar.

It was cloudy when we got there and decided to dine al fresco.

Ample space for patrons to chill out in the nice outdoor setting. Have been told that it's very happening at night. Okaylar...this is Klang that we're talking about, imagination should be kept to a minimum on the happening part.

So cute right? Chefs at Shepherdoo even have this stitched on their chef's jacket. Cracked me up when I saw our friend walking around with a cartoon sheep on his chest =P

This is the bar which is outdoors. Looks really cool doesn't it?

Eric ordered Mojito Tea which came out green and mine is a safe Cranberry juice.

Mum and Eric started with a little salad. And I was forced to take a bite -_-

Creamy mushroom soup which came in a cup with foam. Would've fooled anyone to think it's a drink instead of soup except for that little green leafy thing sitting on top of the foam.

Mix in the foam and you'll find the yummy mushroom soup inside. Drink it with a spoon and not sipping like a drink please. The soup is made by the chefs using fresh mushrooms. Me love mushroom...just wish it was a tad bit creamier.

Nachos with guacamole and melted cheese. This would be really nice as snacks when hanging out with friends over a beer. Easily gets addicted though =D

Okay...I forgot what is this dish called. Actually, I can't remember the names of most of the dishes that night but I know these are prawns. Not one of their best though. It's not to my taste but the bread slices that came with it was good.
A tasting platter that has buffalo wings, chicken something, tortilla, fried squid and mushroom nachos. This is the most expensive dish that we had that night. And it's still be low RM30 =P

Mexican pizza made using tortilla. It's crispy on the enges but soft in the middle. Another great snack food =)

Called a 'gringo' burger if I'm not mistaken. The burger consist of a thick juicy beef patty made by the chefs and top off with an egg. Comes with curly fries which tasted just like those from A&W. Okay...looking at it now is making me super hungry.

Dinner was finished off with a special dessert made by frying a tortilla bread, dribble some honey and cinnamon on it then finish off with a scopp of ice cream. Be warn that it's super duper sweet...but those with a sweet tooth would love it =)

Shepherdoo definitely has the right ambiance to attract the young adults to chill out after a long day at work.
The food are also priced very reasonably considering the effort that goes into making it.
But I would have to say, the dishes could do with more seasoning.
Eric had to add salt and pepper to bring out the flavours to most of what we ate.
Maybe it has been toned down to suit the tastebud of the locals in Klang.

So, for those who are looking for a new place to chill in Klang, give Shepherdoo a try.
I wouldn't mind hanging out there if only it wasn't so far away.
Come early though as it get's pretty packed, I've been told.

The Shepherdoo
Entrance- Forecourt, G Floor, Centro Mall,
No 8, Jalan Batu Tiga Lama, 41300 Klang.
Contact No. 03-33415828 / 03-33445829

P.s. And no...I'm not saying nice things about them because the sous chef is our friend =)


Baby said...

i'm actually hungry when i read this post.

vegetables is good, eat lah..

Tracy said...

Lol...I'm a meat person lar =P

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