Friday, August 7, 2009

Back in Macau

Have been back in Macau for a few days.
I'm happy to be with my darling again..I've missed him so so much.
Can't say the same about our flight from KL though.

Firstly, our flight got resheduled and then we got such drama even before boarding.

At the check-in counter, this lady for China just simply cut queue in front of us when there are like 10 people queuing behind us.
I told her off...really rudely.
I was already not in a good mood that morning and this lady was pissing me off real good.

And then, as usual, Air Aisia has this hand carry rule of 7kgs but Mum insist on taking mangoes(from our own mango tree) for Eric so obviously it was way overweight.
Had to reshuffle our bags to get through the hand carry guy.
Another idiot to piss me off.

Then our plane got delayed a little.
And it was damn drama to get onto the plane.
There was this old couple with their retarded grandson.
The grandma walks with a stick but she had an attitude problem.
A big one.
She shouts and screams. All the time.
The grandson is a retarded idiot.
We were first at the hotseat line meaning we get to board the plane before those non-hotseat passengers.
The old couple and grandson nonchalantly just walk up and stood right in front of us.
I was like WTF?
Okaylah..I let it go 'cause they were so old...anyways we already have a seat number. grandma walks real slow, 'cause she has a walking stick.
Me and Mum walked our normal speed also faster than her already right?
Some more got stairs.
Obviously we got onto the plane before the 3 baboons.
As we were seating at row number 1, we had to stop and put our luggage in the overhead compartment.
The baboon grandson then pushed Mum roughly and told her rudely "You are taking my SPOT!!!"
Hello? Everyone has a designated seat...and who the hell wants his spot?
This bloody kid has no manners at all.
Same goes for the grandmother.
I pity the grandfather. He looks like he wants to jump off the plane.
I wanted to jump off the plane!
Wanted to slap the retard really really really hard.

I ended up seating next to a Macanese, and that was another drama.
So this guy was chatty.
I layan lar...'cause it's kinda rude not to right?
But he's not capable of shutting up, even for a minute.
At one point, I got up to use the washroom.
I came back to my seat and we were chatting again.
We were talking about Malaysia and gals and then he said in Cantonese
"Tow sin ngo tai tow nei keok hou chou"
(Just now I saw your legs are big)
"Pak kuo tit cabin crew ge tow em wui chou wor"
(But the cabin crew's legs are not big at all)

I was thinking...Wtf is wrong with this guy?
Saying my legs are big and expect me to layan him somemore after that?
Well...I got mighty pissed and promptly fake a yawn and close my eyes.
He then went off to chat with the skinny legs cabin crew.
WTF is wrong with guys nowadays?

Half way through our flight, we were told that it's currently signal 3 in Macau as Typhoon Goni was nearby and there would be turbulence.
Boy...there were turbulence alright.
Lots of it.
The plane was shaking violently and kinda did the roller coaster move a couple of times.
Glad to say we arrived in Macau safely.

Then that night, Goni came.
Typhoon Goni was strong but it wasn't as bad as Hagupit.
The winds were strong and it rained alot.
We were out searching for food but all the shops were closing early as they were expecting Goni.
People in the market were pushing and rushing to buy whatever they could get their hands on.
Looks as if a war was coming instead of a typhoon -_-
We ended up tapauing roast pork and duck and cooking our own porridge for dinner.
People here goes a little nutty when a typhoon is around the corner.

So, our first day back in Macau and it was full of drama.
Oh...and Eric had a bad case of sore throat.
And last night, I visited Cubic for the first time.
Hangout with Eric's friends and then we headed for supper and finally went to sleep at 4.30am.

Yup..I'm feeling kinda dead now.

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