Sunday, August 16, 2009

Passing of time

Today, we've officially been married for 3 years.
Registered our marriage in Putrajaya on 16th August 2006.
Wedding ceremony and dinner was on 23rd December 2006.
Yeah..this is kinda confusing to people unfamiliar with the Chinese way of getting married in Malaysia.

Though many couples do get registered on their actually wedding day, many don't.
Which makes things kinda complicated.
Like...which date is our wedding anniversary?
Eric and I chose 23rd Dec to celebrate each year.
Just because it's one of the best days of my life.
Isn't it tiring having so many anniversaries?

Thank goodness Eric and I doesn't have the "Day We Met" anniversary.
Actually, I've got no idea what day it was anyways.
Just that it was in highschool =P

Erm...we also don't have "Our First Date" anniversary.
Again...I don't think we actually went on a proper date.
It was more like a group thing.
Kinda weird when I think about it now.

Next would be "Going Steady" anniversary.
This one we have!!!
It was such a memorable day.
Thinking about it is making me smile.
I don't think anyone really know this story.
It was all happening while we were surrounded by our friends.
Not sure whether they were oblivious to our flying sparks or were just acting cool and let us be.
Okay..I gotta stop smiling at the computer screen now *blush*
The funny thing is..he never actually asked me to be his girlfriend.
It just sorta happen.In Redang.

Nobody actually celebrates "Day He Proposed" anniversary right?
So let's skip it.
As our wedding just happen as well.
No fancy romantic proposal to speak of.

Then we get to the "Officially Married" anniversary which is the day we registered our union with the Malaysian government.
We had such a small entourage on that day.
I remembered there were only 5 of us.
Eric, Me, Mum, one of my aunts and Eric's 2nd Sis.
When I got there, the other bride and groom had like 30 people in their entourage dressed to kill.
The bride even had a veil and hand bouquet.
It was like their whole family turned up for the registration.
The whole process of registering in a cold government building is so unromantic.
It was quick and painless though =)

Thankfully and luckily we have the "Wedding Day" anniversary.

So..a standard couple would have like 5 different anniversaries to celebrate their relationship?
Depends whether you celebrate the Day He Proposed and Officially Married day.
This is on top of celebrating Valentine's Day, Birthdays and Christmas.

So lets see, that's 5 + 4(because there's 2 birthday to celebrate!) which makes 9 occasions in a year.
Imagine if all of those days falls on different months in a year.
Damn busy right?

And when the baby comes?
Maybe then all those anniversaries won't mean much anymore =P
So, let's celebrate while we can.

Still can't believe it.
Officially 3 years.
Time flies. Very fast.


jolene said...

happy belated anniversary. mine is still yet to come.

i din realise eric has sister(s) coz i only know that he has brother.

we so call celebrate ours on the date we registered instead the ceremony coz the registration date was selected by me. anyway, is just a few days gap.

Tracy said...

Thanx =)
I guess which date anyone chose to celebrate should mean something to them.

I like to celebrate ours in Dec coz it's more festive with Christmas just round the corner!

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