Sunday, August 9, 2009

Aching all over

When I arrived in Macau, Eric was having a bad care of sore throat.
Bought herbal tea and strepsils for him.
And mum even made "guai lin guo" to help with the heatiness.
Not to mention I made him take vitamins daily to boost his immune system and to recover faster.
I didn't think much about it and continued sharing food and drinks with him.
Including some wet kisses ;P

Then....this morning I woke up aching all over.
My body felt so heavy and every move is a chore.
Throat feeling kinda rough and painful.
Head kinda heavy.
I think I caught the bug from Eric =(
I'm feeling really sick now.
Though it's not a full blown sore throat with flu yet, I'm dreading the next few days.

Mum has been bombarding me with barley water the whole day.
Not feeling better at all.
Will drink more water to hopefully avoid getting worst.
Ohhhh...I so need some loving now.

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