Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey Doc

Haven't been feeling that good for the past few days.
And finally today, dragged my butt to the hospital to see Doc.
I have a very nice and pretty lady Doc in Macau.
Thank goodness she speaks English too!

Why the hospital and not a normal clinic you might ask?
Well...I've got no idea where to look for a clinic actually.
And it's better just to go to the hospital.
Near our apartment some more.

Macau hospital has this system.
You have to register yourself first at the counter.
Tell them which Doc you wanna see and they'll give you a number.
Everyone who wants to see any Doc have to go through this step.

Then you proceed to the correct floor your Doc is located.
At that particular floor, you have to register yourself again with the nurse.
Then you wait...
And wait...
Until your number is called.

After a consultation with Doc, had to go all the way down to the cashier to pay and collect my meds.
To pay...have to wait till my name is flashed on the board.
After that...have to wait for my name to flash for meds collection.
Most of the time, mine is the only English name on the boards =P

I think the system in the hospital is pretty cool.
At least you don't have to spend so much time queuing up.
Can have a sit and then only approach the counter when you're called.
Just that you have to wait a lot in the hospital.

I've spent too much time already in the hospital this year.
Unfortunately, I've to go back in a few days for a follow up.
Hopefully no more hospital visits after that *fingers crossed*


Baby said...

when you're not sick anymore, try to drink cooling herbal drinks/soup. herbal soup/drink will help to revive your health. is not worthy to get sick again.

Tracy said...

I don't wish to be sick again...that's for sure!

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