Monday, August 24, 2009

888 Gourmet Place Buffet @ Sands, Macau

Recently, Eric, Mum and I made our way to Sands Hotel to try out their buffet.
I thought it was a pretty good deal as they are having a buy 2 free 1 promo going on.
I called Sands up to make reservations and was told I need a coupon.
And the coupon can only be obtained at the Ferry Terminal.
No big deal actually, just that we have to make a detour to the Ferry Terminal first then to Sands.
Most casinos have free shuttle buses at the Ferry Terminal so it's really convenient.
And we ended up walking to the Ferry Terminal from our apartment.
It's not very far, about 10-15 mins walk depending on your walking speed.

Anyways, we managed to get the coupon and headed for dinner.
The restaurant is located in the casino itself so obviously no kids allowed.

View from our table. That's the dessert counter.

Cold cuts appetizers.

Salad bar which I tried a little and never went back for 2nd helpings.

Lots of choices to add flavours to your salad.

Cold seafood which I don't really fancy.Crabs, whelks, prawns and mussels.

They even have Alaskan King Crab legs. Really salty and cold if you eat those legs by itself. So my darling Chef came up with this great idea =) A bowl of seafood soup, a piece of butter and a few crab legs. Scrap out the crab meat and dump it into the hot soup along with the butter.

Yummilicious!!! Now the seafood soup is creamier and tastier with chunks of crab meat =)

Sushi rolls coated with chilli powder O_o

Tuna, octopus and salmon sashimi.

My little appetizer plate. Corn with bacon bits, a piece of ham, cold prawns, whelks and mushrooms. Everything is cold on this plate -_-

This is Eric's. Some salad, a bread stick, marinated salmon, beef, some curry chicken and I've got no idea what's that between the salad and curry.

As usual, Mum can't resist the crab.

Obviously this plate is no mine. I don't do salad. People had to actually queue up for the crab legs.

Noodles station.

And this bowl of noodles is tasteless. And it doesn't have all the ingredients I ordered.

The roast beef.

That's a piece if the roast beef which is pink and juicy. I like it =) The rice is kinda uncooked and the lamb curry is disappointing. Love the papadam though =P

Hot dishes are alright. Nothing special really. Prawns stir fry with beans, braised beef, lamb chop with potatoes which I had trouble chewing, tempura prawns, spaghetti with fish and a lonely piece of har-gao(prawn dumpling)

Eric had some prawn dumplings, steamed fish, broccoli, prawn tempura and roast beef.

Dessert and that bowl in the middle contains tiramisu. Which looks kinda yucky after a little while.

Love the colourful deco wall in the restaurant.

The fruits are fake though. What a bummer.

Ice cream station!

They only had 2 flavours. Cookies and cream and chocolate mint. Me love. Thank goodness it wasn't vanilla or some other funky flavour.

The blob on the left is tiramisu that taste pretty decent. The chocolate cake thingy on the hand almost made me puke.

Eric's dessert.

Some red bean soup...I think.

Mum's dessert. She mention only one is yummy and I can't remember which.

Well, this buffet is cheap.
For Macau standard lar.
But the food is nothing to shout about.
Maybe it caters more for hungry gamblers in the casino.
The only yummy thing that comes to mind is the seafood soup+king crab legs.

Doubt we will be hitting this buffet again in the future.
The hotels in Macau are bursting with buffets but some are really really pricey.
Like the one in Four Seasons which is said to be really good.
Money wise, Sands buffet is cheap. Food is so-so.
The spread is less than half of what Grand Lisboa buffet is offering.
But Grand Lisboa has this time limit thingy for their buffets so you gotta eat really fast!

If you're looking to stuff yourself silly in a buffet, give Sands a miss and head on over to The Grand Buffet in Grand Lisboa instead.
Trust me, it'll be well worth the money.

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