Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Weirdo

Since I'll be leaving in a few days for Macau, we gals decided to meet up for dinner today in Sunway Pyramid.

I was there early as usual to do some window shopping and just wander around the mall.
As I was on an escalator, I felt the person behind me was standing too close for comfort but then what could I do? Jump off the escalator 15 feet from the ground?
Thought that he wanted to snatch my handbag 'cause I've heard of things like that happening in malls so I held my handbag tighter to me and got ready to scream, just in case lar.
Then I heard him say "Can I be your friend?"
I totally ignored him and act as if I didn't hear him.
I hate creepy guys like that.
Don't know why I always attract weirdoes.
What the hell makes him thinks I'm out looking to make friends with strangers on an escalator???
I'm not that fucking desperate.

Anyways, I got off that escalator and started walking real quick to try to get away.
But they(weirdo + weird friend) kept following me.
I went down another escalator and they still stalked me.
God...I was starting to panic and quickly headed for Guardian since I know there will be lots of people in the store.
Hopefully someone will come to my rescue if I needed it.
And they also have a guard at the entrance.
Not sure if the guard is any good but better than nothing lar at this point.
And also I thought maybe they'll have a CCTV in the store so if anything happens, they'll be able to identify the weirdoes. I was in Guardian and weirdoes followed me in.
I tried to ignore them and walk around to avoid them.
Then suddenly weirdo came up to me.
I was really panicking at this point as he looked kinda scary and crazy.
He was big and black with red eyes.
And I felt threatened.

He then told me "I asked to be your friend earlier but you ignored me"
He stalked me all the way here to ask me that?
Told him I can't be his friend.
My husband won't like it.
He said he knows I'm married but still wants to be my friend.
Told him no again.
He then ask whether he can see me again? psycho weirdo!!!
Told him no and I walked away.
I lingered around the store to make sure they went away.
But then I spotted them loitering at the entrance of the shop.
I really considered calling the Police for help but then my handphone had zero reception.
Just my luck.
Luckily, weirdoes left after a while and I quickly left and messaged Eric.
After that, all the time I was in Pyramid, I kept looking around to make sure weirdoes didn't decide to continue stalking me again.
It was so stressful =(

Eric called to make sure I was okay.
After telling him the whole story..he then said to me in a stern tone
"Why didn't you shout at him? Somemore talk to him so nicely.You might give him the wrong idea." that point, I felt really stupid.
Yeah...why didn't I shout at weirdo instead of talking to him nicely?
Maybe I was too scared to react properly?
I don't know.
He was scaring me and I was still being kinda nice.
That got me a nice scolding from Eric -_-

What do you think?
Should I have made a scene and scare weirdo away?
Tell him to leave me alone?
Call the police?
Don't ever walk around malls alone again?

I really hope I don't bump into anymore weirdoes.
I've got too many encounter already to last me a lifetime.


Jess said... seems you are too attractive...;p
I can't said Eric is right, because that fellow is with friends, who knows what will they do if you shouted at him. They might not afraid of public. My advice is get company, don't ever walk around alone even in the mall and be alert always.

Tracy said...

Lol...I wish I was too attractive but it seems I'm just a magnet for weirdoes O_O

Yeah...I don't know how they will react eventhough there are many people around and would anyone come and help me if they get physical?

Now I feel safer walking around alone in Macau than in my own country -_-

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