Monday, July 27, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle : Theatre, Paris - Completed

I did it!!!
Finished the puzzle this afternoon.
OMG...the final piece was such drama.

I kept the hardest part for last.
Which is all the black clothing the humans are wearing.
I swear they all look the same...the black I mean O_o
Was so happy when I got to the last piece, which was black, obviously.
Slide it into the empty spot, and it won't fit! Arrggghhhh...
I was speechless.

Damn obvious there are some black pieces sitting where it shouldn't.
And it's so bloody hard to spot's all black okay -_-
Took me a long time to spot the little buggers and finally...FINALLY...the last piece of the puzzle found it's home.

Behold...the completed 3000 pieces Theatre, Paris.

Right view...

Left view...see all the black?

It probably doesn't look all that great in pics.
But trust me, it's awesome when you really see and touch it.
Something like the Mona Lisa I supposed.
You just gotta see it to be awed.
By my skills as well =P
Now...the puzzle is waiting to be transported to it's new home.
Uncle Hong will have to figure out how to get it there =P
I shall now return to stitch Blossoms.
Or maybe not.

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