Saturday, July 25, 2009

Come here Horsey!

I know we live in a weird neighbourhood where people steal mangoes and stuffs.
But can you imagine my surprise one morning when I was driving out of the driveway and almost hit a horse? In front of my house.

That was more than a year ago.
It was one big horsey alright.
Mum told me, now there are three horses!!!
All living in the neighbourhood.

Horsey having snack...wonder where are it's playmates.

Yup, only in Putra Heights you can be living with monkeys and horses as neighbours.
Have been told(by Mum lar...who else?) that the horses stink real bad.

I really wonder if it's even legal to be keeping horses in a residential area.
It's just plain weird seeing horses in the playground munching grass.
But apparently, the owner are providing horsey services to disabled kids.
For a fee of course!
Nothing is free in this world.

Maybe I'll go say "Hee Haw" to horsey one of these days =)


Regina said...

Hey.. Horses don't go "hee haw" la! o_O
You confused the horse with the donkey!

Jess said...

That's really weird to have horses in the residential area...

Tracy said...

@Regina : According to

Noun 1. hee-haw - a loud laugh that sounds like a horse neighing =P

@Jess : I know...but at least the kids around here can claim that they've seen a real horsey before unlike other city kids =D

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