Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle : Theatre, Paris

After such a long time...I finally got my hands on a jigsaw puzzle.
I love jigsaws but Mum banned me from buying anymore years ago until I can afford to buy a bigger house to hang them all up!
That was a bummer.

Over the years, I had been asking around if anyone needs help with their jigsaws.
But then I felt kinda silly doing that as people buy those puzzles because they wanted to spend time together solving it themselves.
It's really a great bonding activity for a couple...even family.
Provided no one loses a piece...which might just lead to a pretty ugly scene.
But me...I prefer to work on my jigsaws alone, all by myself.
I hate it when people try to help and mess up my system.
Yup...I have my own system of fixing it all up =)

So how did i get my hands on a 3000pcs puzzle to work my magic on?
Well...we were hanging out in Uncle Hong's house and the topic wandered to the jigsaw puzzle hanging in the living room.
He then revealed they have a new 3000pcs puzzle that is still in the box 'cause nobody have the time to fix it up.
My of my...I was bursting with excitement.
Finally....after so long...I can have my fingers playing with those small little pieces of cardboard.
I offered my services before Uncle Hong and Aunt Shireen had any time to blink...lol.
And quickly got the puzzle home so they can't change their mind =P

My current obsession...the 3000pcs jigsaw puzzle titled Theatre, Paris. It'll be so so beautiful when it's completed.

3000pcs is kinda daunting. I'm so itching to play with the little pieces of puzzle =)

I've already started on the puzzle.
I can't help it...I'm totally obsessed.
How I wish I don't need to sleep and could spend all my time on it.
I always have this crazy addiction to jigsaws...I can go without food just so I can find the next piece of the puzzle.
I'll update with pics once I have a small portion done...it's not going to be easy with 3000pcs.
I don't have much time as well...my baby is coming home in a couple of days.
Let's see how long it'll take me to get this done.
I finished a 2000pcs Snoopy jigsaw in 1 week years ago...so this will be a new record for me =D

Obviously, Mum is a kinda annoyed as my Blossoms cross stitch will be put on hold for a while till the puzzle is done.
The puzzle would be a nice break from all that stitching.
But I got a feeling I'm going to start knitting again soon...winter's coming =P

What can I say?
For such an impatient person, I'm addicted to things that requires tonnes of patience.
Talk about contradictions!


Jess said...

haha...i found both of us have same hobbies...

Tracy said...

That's why we enjoy reading each others blog =)

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