Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back and busy

Eric is back and we've had such a busy day today.
I wonder why I'm still not asleep yet while Eric is happily snoring away next to me.

Was at Gabriel's house till late just now for his bachelor night dinner thingy.
The funny thing is, the bride's house is just next door!
So they had both parties together...can save money also =P

Since almost the whole gang were there tonight, as usual, lots of talking and laughing.
Someone even commented that I've put on weight =(
I was also asked some questions that I thought would never be asked's kinda funny.
Sometimes I wonder what people say behind our backs about the whole affair.
I agree that for those who knows us from back in school will find it kinda weird...but that's just how life is.
Things happens and we move on.
People can remain friends after a breakup can't they?
Anyways, all those are water under a bridge.
Though I wonder why some just can't let it go...I wish that relationship has mend, but I doubt it ever will.

All of us were friends from school, so obviously we are all approaching the age of marriage.
Eric and I were the first to get married almost 3 years back.
Followed by a few who got registered but haven't had the wedding dinner.
One has a baby already and another have a baby on the way. time flies.

And tonight, I've heard a few wedding plans in the pipeline.
Guys talking about diamond rings and proposals are just so cute.
It's like...they can't believe they did it.
I'm so happy for them...I love weddings.
Maybe because it brings back memories of my own wedding years ago.

I didn't have a big diamond on my ring.
I didn't have a romantic tear inducing proposal.
I didn't have the biggest fancy wedding dinner.

But what I had was a wonderful man who wanted me to be his wife.
And that memory is the one that lives on in my heart.


Angel said...

and me & e really did enjoying ourselves at your wedding!

Tracy said...

Happy to know you guys enjoyed yourself =)
I had a blast too!

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