Friday, August 14, 2009

Goodbye Doc =(

Made a visit to Doc again today.
She said I look much better.
Well...I feel much better.
Thanks to a cocktail of meds I'm taking =)

Anyways, was prescribed another week's worth of drugs.
And another followup after a week.
But Doc ain't going to be there.
Today's her last Day with this hospital =(
How sad.
She's leaving for Hong Kong.
Sigh...given a choice, I would have preferred Hong Kong as well.

Since my lady Doc is leaving, I'll be getting a new Doc.
I've met him before when I got admitted into the hospital in April.
Definitely not a stranger.
Speaks English as well.
But I gotta say, the Macau Docs English is kinda funny.

Anyways, after the hospital visit, we decided to walk home and tapau McD for dinner.
I still have a few more Coke glasses to collect.
Guess what?
All bloody out of stock!!!
How can that be?
Now I gotta hunt for it in other McDs in Macau -_-
Okay..I better get started on that...there are a few McDs that I know of nearby.
Worst case scenario would be to head for Venetian's McD.
That is super hardcore already la.
Will see how it goes...geez...drama just to get free glasses.

Oh...and on our walk home, saw an ambulance picking up a patient in the middle of the street at peak hour.
A motorcyclist got knocked down and by the time we reached the scene, the patient was already being attended to be the medical officers.
But everything seemed to have come to a standstill.
Pedestrian stopped and watch.
Motorist stopped and watch.
Even dogs stopped and watch. And drool.
Well...needless to say, there was a bad traffic jam.

Thank goodness we were using vehicle No.11 so we went on our merry way.
Then another drama enfold near our apartment.
A motorcyclist got down from his bike and hit the driver's side window of a car really hard.
And started shouting obscenities.
I've got no idea what happened but it looks like we were going to have a good show.
The car driver shouted back.
The biker shouted back.
People start honking.
Another traffic jam cause it's a one lane street.
Well...after a little while, the biker got on his bike and went away.
The car drove away.
Oh well...what a pity.

Was out for a few hours and lots of drama.
Ahh...that's my life in Macau.


Jess said...

Life is full of drama..hhaha...take care...

Tracy said...

I agree...maybe the drama makes it all the more interesting

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