Saturday, August 8, 2009

McDonald's Coca-Cola Contour Glass

Went to MGM today to watch Eric's cooking class.
He was cooking curry and it smells so good.
Wish I could join in the class for fun but it was too expensive at MOP700/person.
He can teach me at home for free =P
Or he can just cook it for me to eat!

Since Mum and I have no idea what to eat for dinner, we ended up in McD's next to MGM.
And luckily we did =)
McD is having a promo where you buy a large value meal and they give you a Coke glass for free.
And I love free stuffs...yeah I aunty!

There are SIX colours and I want them all. Actually I wanted the pink glass but it was out of stock =( Only got to choose between Purple and Green.

So I took Purple. Purple is kinda nice actually =)

The glass is not very big, just about 10inches in height.

I hope I'm able to collect all six colours.
Have to visit other McD's in the area to check out the colours available.

Got a feeling we'll be having lots of meals in McD's for some time =)


jolene said...

i like free stuffs too, preferrable soft toys.

curry? can share the recipe?

Tracy said...

I've kinda outgrown soft toys but I still have my collection in some boxes backhome =P

I don't have any recipe but how hard can cooking curry be right?

Jess said...

Few years back, i bought 1 in Liverpool at 50p, i still remember. And last year, my friend gave me a grey color one when they having promo in SZ.It's really nice to collect whole set esp. for free...haha..

Tracy said...

Yeah...hopefully I'll be able to collect them as well =)

(( SKY )) said...

The colors are cool.
I got two big cola glass in green, and 2 small size glass in clear, at first it's cute to have but now I just want to get rid of them...hehe

Tracy said...

Sky : If you really want to get rid of them...I'm a ready taker!!! McDs here ran out of the glasses and I've only managed to collect 3 colours =(

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