Friday, October 3, 2008

Lunch @ Honolulu

Mum and I had lunch at Honolulu today. Unfortunately, it's not in beautiful Hawaii. This Honolulu Cafe is just down the street from our apartment. It was raining heavily and we couldn't get to anywhere else, so we decided on Honolulu. We've been there many times before but only for drinks and snacks. They had a set lunch thing going on, so we ordered one set of Curry Chicken and Rice set lunch which came with a bowl of soup and coffee or tea. As usually the food portion in Macau is quite large, we refrained from ordering 2 sets, instead, Mum ordered a pork chop bun to go with our curry.

Table mat at Honolulu. Looks like it's designed by someone born in the 40's.

Creamy bowl of soup....smells pretty good

Looks like jelly in my soup?'s actually onion =)

A big bowl of curry chicken. It's not too bad actually, just lack the fragrant curry smell that we have back home. And also this curry is salty instead of spicy.

Curry with rice. Just plain white rice. If it's 'santan' rice then it'll be much more tastier =)

Pork chop bun.

Hot milk tea to finish our meal.

Honolulu ain't a bad place to have a meal. It's only bout RM20 for the set lunch and everyday they have a different set lunch menu. On a hot hot day, an ice milk tea or lemon coke at Honolulu will cool you down nicely. Best of all, it's less than a minute walk away!

On a side note, I'm sad to inform that our sea monkeys are dying. Okay, some are already dead. For a few days. I can see their dead lifeless and black carcass at the bottom of the container. Sea monkeys are guaranteed to live for 2 years and mine died so soon. What will happen if I ever have another puppy?

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