Monday, October 20, 2008

Just a Sunday

Sunday is always nice as friends and family are free to hangout and they're more relaxed. Have been meeting up with many of my ex-colleagues from Maersk. I do miss them a lot. There are few more that I want to meet up with before I leave for Macau again. As usual, my fav place to have a 'yumcha' session would be in Oldtown Kopitiam in Taipan. I'm there like 4 days a week...they should really give me a loyalty card =)

Me and my funny ex-manager Hwee Chiang =P

The Wong Brothers...Davin and Alvin. Gals, they are still bachelors =D

It was super fun chit-chatting with them as our topic changes so fast that in 3 hours, I think we covered everything from work, school, sex scandals, travel and even politics. While we were working in Maersk, I even found out that I went to the same primary school as Davin. The world is really small isn't it? We could've continued hanging out but I had to attend Aunt Helena's Raya open house. So I went home to get Mum and off we went =)

I love nasi briyani. The rice is so fragrant, rendang beef is tender and the ayam masak merah is just nice. Obviously I can't resist having a big plate of rice last night =P

This dish is even better. That's because Aunt Helena cooked this herself. Surprise surprise...she outdid herself this time. The soup 'tulang' is so tasty...naturally we are all quite shocked lar ;P Let's just say Mum is the best cook in the family. Well...I ended up eating two bowls of noodles!

Apples for desert. I can't eat any of it as I was stuffed with too much rice and noodles.

See how small the little apple is?

Now...look at these grapes. They're huge! I did not choose two grapes to photograph on purpose. It's just that I can only fit two in my small feminine hands =P

I really ate too much at Aunt Helena's house. But it was all good. Good food and good company. Sunday is good. Why can't we have two Sundays in a week?

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