Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tchau Macau...

This will be our last day in Macau and tomorrow we'll be touching down in Malaysia Truly Asia =)
Yes, Eric and I are moving back to KL.
For good...that is...until Eric gets another career opportunity overseas.
This move home happened in a flash...just like that time when he told me he got a job in Macau.
Eric was offered a position with a new hotel opening in April smack right in the center of KL city.
I'm sure it's gonna take him some time to get use to the traffic madness after spending years in relatively jam-free Macau. time flies...we've been in Macau for slightly more than 2 years and this little enclave has become a 2nd home to me.
I'm going to miss the friends we made here...especially Nicolette my gossip and drinks buddy.
Definitely will miss the yummy siew yoke (roasted pork) rice from the aunty's shop down the street *drool*
And also the cheap massages, mani and pedi, food and shopping in Zhuhai.
Not forgetting my fav bubble milk tea =(
Totally appreciate the wonderful and affortable public transportation around the islands.
Oh...I will miss the beautiful casinos too especially their complimentary drinks and also the use of their well equiped and clean washrooms =P 

It's bittersweet to leave Macau but the memories are going to come home with me to KL.
I'm happy that we're going home and we'll definitely be back in Macau to visit friends and lady luck =)

So this is it...tchau Macau!!!

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