Sunday, March 7, 2010


ME...that's who!

No idea why but I've been getting myself into stupid situations lately.
I've fell down twice on my knees in 1 week and now I have horrible bruises to show for it.
Maybe I've been gaining too much weight too rapidly and lost my balance.
I've got a bruise on my arm and I've got no idea how it came about.

The temperature in Macau is falling ridiculously fast.
It was mid 20s yesterday and now it's about 14 degrees.
What's up man?
I've already washed all our winter stuffs and packed them away =(

So anyways, I had to go to the shop to buy some stuffs and throw trash into the rubbish bin which is located bout 500m away (yes, no rubbish bin for our super duper old apartment ok).
But the only thing on my mind was the bubble milk tea I'm going to get from Donago.
God...I love the bubble milk tea in Macau...none in Malaysia could even come close to the ones we get here.
I went to the shop, bought what I needed, grabbed a cup of bubble milk tea and happily made my way home chewing on the bubbles.
When I reached home...I realized I forgot to take the trash out -_-
I'll just go tomorrow lar...I don't want to climb 4 flights of stairs and walk 500m(one way!) just to get rid of trash.
I'm just lazy and it's freaking cold outside okay.
My not so skinny ass prefers to be indoors.

Oh...and I've been encountering weirdos again....sigh
And of all places, in the casino.
You would've think that weirdos doesn't go to such places and they wouldn't try anything stupid 'cause there's camera everywhere except the washrooms.
Not too mention the amount of security guards keeping an eye on things on the floor.
Just my luck...I met two.
Can't a gal have peace playing the slot machine huh?
I was happily pressing the button hoping to hit the jackpot when these two dudes came up next to me and stood really really close.
I hate it when strangers or people I don't like do that...haven't they heard of such a thing as 'personal space'?
Immediately I felt damn uncomfortable and weirdo alert warning bells started going off in my head.
I've bumped into too many weirdos and I could spot them easily lar.

Anyways, they started to talk to me in Mandarin which I understood of course.
But I just stared at them trying to indicate to them I don't speak Mandarin and hopefully they leave me alone after that.
I find that this trick works with less persistent weirdos but obviously these two had the persistence genes in them.
They kept pestering me in Mandarin asking me how to play the slot.
Hello???!!! Just fucking feed money into the machine and press the button.
When I continued to ignore them, they started to speak to me in Cantonese.
Now they are curious about my nationality.
And then they actually asked me in English!
Lol...and I still ignored them.
Finally one of the slot attendance auntie saw my distress and came to me rescue.
I whispered to her in Cantonese that the two guys needed help with the slot and I tried to make my escape.
I then overheard the conversation between auntie and the weirdos as I was cashing out my money from the machine...

The conversation was in Mandarin.

Auntie : What you want?
Weirdos : We were asking her to teach us how to play this game.
Auntie : You don't have to ask her. I can teach you.
Weirdos : Where is she from?
Auntie : Come, I teach you how to play.
Weirdos : Where is she from?
Auntie : It's none of your business where she is from!!!
Weirdos : We want to know where she is from only mar...

Lol....I left right after that so I don't know what happened next.
That is the only time I appreciate how rude those aunties can be =P
Serves those weirdos right...but as I look back at the whole thing again, it's kinda funny.
I was in no danger of course since the casino was pretty packed and security is tight.
Just that I don't like weirdos.
I'm a friendly person...truly I am =)
Just don't approach me in such a creepy way...actually, I'm sure no gals would appreciate such a move.

Is it just me or do you gals attract weirdos too?
Maybe I just have a sign on my forehead inviting them to say 'Hi' -_-


Baby said...

lucky me.. never kena weirdos before

Tracy said...

It's a good thing you never met any weirdos...*cross fingers*

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