Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jin Yuan Restaurant @ Charming Hotel, Zhuhai

A few nights back Eric and I were in Zhuhai to have dinner with his colleague.
Charming Hotel is located right outside the Gongbei Bordergate...once you get out of the China immigration, you'll see the hotel on the left.
Take the elevator up to Jin Yuan Restaurant.

Appetizer tasted like pig's stomach soup. The lotus roots has a nice bite to it and it's yummy.

First time I'm trying a corn drink. It's hot and tasted like well...corn. The texture is smooth and not too thick which is quite nice.

One fish for each person at the table...

...'cause the fish is only as big as my bowl

Mantis prawn with lots of fried garlic

Mui choy kau yuk (pork belly with mushy vege)

One crab per person too as it's only as big as my fist.

Not much meat but lots of eggs in the crab and it's yellow. Normally I don't eat crab eggs but this one is pretty yummy.

Looks like normal stir fry vege but the secret is...it's fried using pork oil =P This is how a healthy dish become super sinful.

Deep fried carrot cake stuffed with meat dessert which was too chewy for my liking.

Mango pudding with evaporated milk. Me likey mango =)

Deep fried durian ball turned out pretty good. The skin was oily but the durian filling has a creamy bitter after taste.

Recently, Eric's sister was in Macau and she was craving for some exotic dish.
We went searching for the shop and found it near St. Paul's Ruin.

It's a tiny shop with just a few tables and that's the chef in the one man kitchen.

Guess what's in this bowl of dark starchy soup?

This is snake meat soup =D
The taste of ginger overwhelmed my tastebuds and it made me wonder if it's to mask some weird smell of snake meat. The snake meat itself didn't taste weird ('cause all I could taste and smell was the ginger lar) but the texture was extremely rough and dry. Kinda like overnight chilled old chicken breast meat. If you're in Macau and feel like having some snake for snack time...this is the place.

Meet Goofy the toy Poodle. He's so cute isn't he? Goofy is Joe's doggy and we met him when Joe invited us over to his house for dinner last night.

So much food for just 5 people. I almost fell asleep on the couch after dinner...

Goofy joined Eric and I on the couch and took a liking to Eric's hand...*lick lick lick*

He even held on to Eric's thumb to to keep it steady...so cute <3

And more cuteness....
Braxton at 5 months old! He's so heavy already and so friendly*hugs*

The weather in Macau is super depressing.
Cold and wet the whole day =(
Will be super duper busy for the next few days and the I shall be in shorts again!


Baby said...

since when mui choy became mushy vege? mui choy is preserved mustard cabbage.

i hate snake as i can't see it (be it real or fake) but i do like snake soup (as long as i don't see it).

as usual, vege is not in your list.

Tracy said...

I don't fancy the snake soup but at least I've tried it =)

Anonymous said...

Could it be daikon radish cake instead of carrot...I wonder...?

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