Monday, March 1, 2010

Mezza9 @ Hyatt Macau

Macau is humid, misty and foggy at this moment.
Tiles in the house has water drops on them...don't be surprised if you find puddles of water on the floor.
Stairs are wet from the humidity.
Same for the windows.
No rain.
The problem with such humidity is MOLD!!!
They're starting their invasion =(

Anyways, had been busy these past few days.
Eating too much yummy food and piling on the weight.
And I've yet to lose the weight I gained in Sitiawan...sigh

Celebrated Chad's birthday at Mezza9 at the new Grand Hyatt yesterday.
The restaurant has a nice ambiance and it reminds me alot of Rossio.
We had a table tucked between the open kitchen which provided a clear view of chefs cooking. 

Mezza9 serves Macanese, grill, sushi & sashimi with a cellar and bar too. 

I was entranced with the shiny balls hanging above our table.

Assorted sushi & sashimi platter to the melt-in-your-mouth toro (tuna belly)

Raw sweet prawn with fish roe

Crab cake
Mixed seafood platter with lobster, oyster, scallops, tuna, prawns and some fish.
Mixed grill with lamb, beef, chicken and sausage
Red and white wine for me
Beautiful pool just outside the restaurant.

Birthday boy blowing out his candle.

Bailey's souffle with ice cream...yummilicious

More desserts =)

I was the only person on our table who wasn't a chef.
So obviously the topic of the night is about the melon is oh so sweet and they had to find out where mezza9 got them from.
About the texture of sushi  rice, the tuna sashimi, the sauce, the get the drift.
While the chefs went on and on about the food and kitchen...I was happily stuffing myself with food =P
The best thing about eating with get to try all the yummy stuffs! doesn't hurt that they know the Mezza9 chefs too =)

Had a great time last night and it continues tonight.
Will be heading to Rossio for dinner which no doubt I'll stuff myself silly again. pampered my tummy is...


Baby said...

how i wish i was a chef's wife

Tracy said...

Well...being a chef's wife also means that you've to put up with their long working hours too =(

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