Monday, March 15, 2010

It's good to be back

...but I've been eating too much (sigh...putting on weight again) and sleeping too little!

Eric seems to want to eat everything in sight and I can't even remember being hungry since we stepped foot on Malaysian soil.
Had been out and about (eating!!!) and at the same time ferrying Eric to work while we sort out logistics issues.
I've also been busy with interviews for jobs and soon I'll not be bumming more sleeping till more FBing the whole more shopping on weekdays....but it's all good.
I can't wait to work again =D
I know I sound kinda crazy and many of you would gladly knock me on the head with your laptop...but seriously, after being a bum for almost 2 years, the boredom is getting to me.
Before you say it...the baby will come when it comes okay...I'm not even 30 yet...still got time lar ;P

Talking about starting work...I should really get my lazy ass moving and sort out our closet.
I am in serious need of a HUGE walk in closet.
I have loads of clothes. So does Eric.
Lol...most of his clothes are still in bags we brought home from Macau =P
Stuffs are everywhere and they're getting in the way.
And more will be heading our way soon as friends and Eric's sis help bring more of our stuffs back!
OMG...where to put everything lar O_o

Aiyoh...and the library is still in a mess =(
My goal for the next 2 weeks would be to sort out our closet and library.
I'll do it even if it means not cooking or farming for a day *gulp*
I will do it...I will do it...I WILL DO IT!!!

Now...another countdown begins =D

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